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Build a timber fence

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Build a fence in 6 easy steps - and a little help from Mitre 10.
There are so many reasons for wanting to build a fence. You may want more privacy, keep pets in or pests out, or you may simply want to add an attractive finish to your property. Whatever your reason, building your own fence is easy with Mitre 10.
Download PDF (1.3Mb)

To get everything you need, select the items from the list below and print or contact your Local Store.

Everything you need

Product Checklist

Posts - red gum 125 x 75mm or treated pine 100 x 100mm
Cross rails hardwood or treated pine 75 x 50mm top & bottom rails
Cross rails hardwood or treated pine 75 x 38mm mid rail
Palings - hardwood or treated pine 100mm and 150mm wide, half and half quantity
Plinth - hardwood 150 x 25mm
Cement mix
Timber bracing
Galvanised flat head nails 40 x 2mm for under palings 50 x 2.8mm for over palings
Galvanised bullet head nails 75 x 3.75mm for rails
Timber post hole sole plates 300 x 250 x 50mm red gum

Tools for the Job

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