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Install or Repair Plasterboard

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Get a mighty plasterboard finish - with a little help from Mitre 10.
If you're renovating, chances are you're going to uncover some damaged plasterboard. But don't worry. With the right tools - and the right advice from Mitre 10 - installing smooth new plasterboard walls and ceilings is well within your skills. And you'll get a kick out of saying 'I did it myself'
Download PDF (1.5Mb)

To get everything you need, select the items from the list below and print or contact your Local Store.

Everything you need

Product Checklist

Plasterboard & cornice
Plasterboard "Ready-Mix" cement
Jointing tape
Stud adhesive
Cornice cement
Metal corner bead
Sandpaper, 180 grit
30mm "Lattice Head" plasterboard nails

Tools for the Job

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