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How to Install Shelving

How to Install Shelving Image 1 Fullsize
It's easy to install shelving - with a little help from Mitre 10.
Nearly every home could use more storage space. Somewhere to put books, records or treasured bric-a-brac. Adding extra shelves is an easy and practical way to add more space. All you need are the right materials, the right tools and the right advice from Mitre I0.
Download PDF (1.2Mb)

To get everything you need, select the items from the list below and print or contact your Local Store.

Everything you need

Product Checklist

timber, particleboard, plywood or glass
Shelf brackets for fixed shelving
Shelf supports for adjustable shelving
Adjustable metal shelf uprights and brackets
Countersunk screws
Wall plugs for solid walls
Spring or gravity toggles, or expanding wall plugs for cavity walls
Nails - various sizes if required

Tools for the Job

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