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Retaining Walls

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Build your own retaining walls - with a little help from Mitre 10.
Retaining walls are most useful on a sloping block as a means of terracing or levelling sections of land, or when used as a garden surround. With the help of our step-by-step guide, you can build your own retaining walls in no time.
Download PDF (3.9Mb)

To get everything you need, select the items from the list below and print or contact your Local Store.

Everything you need

Product Checklist

Treated pine sleepers, posts spaced at 1800mm max. & rails to span 1800mm
Red gum sleepers, posts spaced at 2400mm max. & rails to span 2400mm
12mm diameter galvanized coach bolts, washers & nuts (length to suit combined width of post and rail)
Bags of concrete mix
Weed mat
Agricultural (ag.) drainage pipe
Screenings ("quarter minus", trade term)
Back-fill material
25mm gal. clouts
Crushed rock base material
Retaining wall blocks
Agricultural (ag.) drainage pipe
Back-fill material
12mm coach bolts as required
12mm drill bit

Tools for the Job

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