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Top Painting Tips

  • Trial your colour choice with a sample pot to see how the colour is affected by light and textures in your home.
  • Always stir paint thoroughly with a flat blade stirrer before painting to ensure your paint is properly mixed.
  • Don't leave a paint-covered roller exposed to the air. Wrap it in plastic cling wrap to keep it fresh and ready for use.
  • Never try to paint over an area that is partially dried as the brush will leave marks on the surface.
  • When painting doors and windows only, start early in the day and keep them open to dry. They should be dry and safe to close by the end of the day.
  • An artist's brush will help you get to those small areas quickly and neatly.
  • Use Kitchen & Bathroom paint to stop mould in wet areas like kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.
  • It's best to paint one wall at a time to prevent streaking on partially dried paint.
  • Paint from top to bottom. Ceiling first, then walls, leaving doors, windows and trim until last.
  • Never pour left over paint down the drain. Brush excess paint out onto newspaper and dispose of via domestic waste collections.
  • Always remove any masking tape while your paint is still relatively wet to avoid paint surfaces cracking.
  • Remember the painters rule when it comes to weather: If you wouldn't wash your car then don't paint.