BBQ Safety and Maintenance Tips

Look Before You Cook

A Faulty BBQ can be dangerous, gas BBQ’s need to be checked and maintained regularly. LP Gas is highly flammable – gas escaping from your BBQ can cause explosions.

It’s important to regularly check for gas leaks to make sure your gas connections are tight. You can do this by connecting the gas and BBQ, coating the connection points and line with dishwashing liquid or soapy water and observing, paying particular attention to the connection point at the BBQ as this is where most leaks occur. If bubbles start to form disconnect the bottle immediately and close the valve. Assess the line and connection points, cleaning off any dirt or replacing missing O rings. Reconnect the BBQ and the Gas and repeat the same steps again. If bubbles form again do not use the BBQ, you will need to contact a licensed gas fitter to assess any damage.


Tips for maintaining your BBQ

  • Routinely check for leaks.
  • Keep your BBQ covered at all times to avoid rust and dirt.
  • Clean it regularly – we recommend spot cleaning after every use and a thorough clean every few months.
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