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Monthly Archives: September 2019

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  1. How to build a veggie garden

    How to build a veggie garden
    There’s nothing nicer than preparing a delicious meal with produce that you have grown yourself. From tomatoes and herbs to broccoli, there’s a great pleasure in knowing it just can’t get any fresher.
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  2. How to grow Australian native plants

    How to grow Australian native plants
    Australia is a vast continent with many natural environments, from the dense rain forests of the north, to the Alpine meadows of the south, and the hot dry deserts of the centre. In each of these environments, many plants have evolved to cope with their surroundings. The large lush leaves of‑rainforest plants, for example, contrast markedly with the fine prickly foliage of desert plants. Their need for water and nutrient, and their preference for sunlight, also differs greatly. And because of this diversity in growing preference and habit, there are native plants to suit almost any garden situation, in any climatic region. This MitrePlan looks at many of the interesting and often strikingly beautiful Australian natives available for different garden styles, with tips on planting and maintenance.
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  3. How to Pick a BBQ

    How to Pick a BBQ

    When you're looking to buy a BBQ, the first thing you need to think about is the size of the area it's going to be placed in, then you have to look at all of the BBQ's features, the number of burners it has, charcoal vs gas and the look you're after.

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  4. How to Restore a Grey and Weathered Deck in One Day

    How to Restore a Grey and Weathered Deck in One Day
    Weather takes its toll on timber! Sun and moisture can make it go grey, start to split and crack. But restoring and maintaining your timber will not only bring it back to life but also make it last longer!
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