Garden Projects

How to maintain your Summer garden

With the heat in summer it can be tricky to maintain your gorgeous garden 

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How to choose the right plant for the right place

Gardening can be tricky and daunting for new green thumbs! Lets explore Tips

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How to grow a new lawn

A lush green carpet of lawn surrounding even a modest suburban home makes it seem more attractive and impressive. A good quality lawn can not only add to the appearance of your home, it can also increase its value, prevent soil erosion and help to absorb heat and noise to keep your environment cooler and quieter.

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How to grow plants from garden cuttings

Successful propagation essentially depends on knowing the best type of wood to take, having a good root-inducing propagating mixture and providing the right environment while the cuttings strike.

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How to grow your own herbs

Everyone has the space to grow a few herbs, even if they are smaller growing types in pots on your patio or balcony. You'll find that with even a little effort, the rewards are great and you'll have plenty of fresh flavoured herbs in no time at all.

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Paving Pointers

Paving options have come a long way from the humble brick! 

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How to install a garden watering system

Wouldn't it be nice if you could arrange for it to rain, precisely when your plants and garden needed it? Well, installing a fixed watering system is probably the next best thing. And no matter what stage of development your yard is in, installing a garden watering system is easy for anyone.

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