Get ready for the Easter Hunt

Easter is a beloved holiday for many. And nothing says Easter fun like a traditional egg hunt! This year, why not get creative by putting your own unique spin on an Easter classic by using homemade items like a decorated basket and eggs. Personalised baskets and eggs make memorable gifts ideal for family and friends. You can even use these delightful goodies to decorate your Easter table for a whimsical touch. And thanks to the Accent range of easy-to-use Quick Spray products, this project is ideally suited to both experienced craft enthusiasts and novices alike. Keep reading to learn more about this charming craft activity, and don’t forget to take a look at our handy shopping list before you begin.

1. Undercoat Eggs

Wipe down your eggs to make sure they are free of dust and grease. Allow to dry and give them a coat of Accent Quick Spray Undercoat to ensure a sound base. Cover your surface with a dropsheet and cut open a cardboard box. Place an egg in the fold of the cardboard to stop it from rolling. Hold the can upright 15 to 25cm from the egg and spray with smooth, even strokes. Spray one side of the egg, wait 10 minutes, then turn the egg over and spray the other side.

2. Spray Eggs

Place your undercoated egg in the fold of the cardboard. Choose your first colour of Accent Quick Spray Decorative and shake the can well for at least one minute. Hold the can upright 15 to 25cm from the surface and spray with smooth, even strokes. Apply several light mist coats rather than one heavy coat which may cause paint sagging or running. Allow to dry for 10 minutes, turn the egg over and spray the other side. You can repeat this step for a brighter, more saturated colour and greater durability.

3. Spray Basket

Place your basket on a Lazy susan, covered with a sheet of newspaper to protect it from overspray. Hold the Accent Quick Spray Metallic Silver can upright, 15 to 25cm from the basket and spray with smooth, even strokes parallel to the surface. Apply several light mist coats rather than one heavy coat, whilst slowly turning the Lazy susan.

4. Spray 2nd Coat

Allow the first coat to dry for 10 minutes and give your basket a second coat for optimum brightness and to get into all those overlaps. Don’t forget the handle!

And there you have it! With our four simple steps, you can create a lovely Easter basket and colourful homemade eggs that’ll be sure to spark excitement at any hunt! We think these Easter decorations will be popular with all your guests – young and old. Plus, they are stress-free to create and lots of fun to share. You can make an impression this Easter by decorating your home with Accent.

Basket: Accent Quick Spray Metallic Silver, eggs: Accent Quick Spray Neon Pink, Summer Blue, Yellow, Teal, Mint Green, Orange *Calculated for a basket and 5 x wooden eggs, 2 applications of light mist coats for each item excludes 10 mins dry time between coats. Cleaning and prep included. Timings quoted at 25°C and 50% humidity. ®Accent is a registered trade mark of Mitre 10 Australia Pty Ltd.