How To Install a Roller Door Seal

How To Install a Roller Door Seal

Another quick and easy trick to keep the heat in and save this winter is to add a roller door seal to stop all those cold draughts. Follow these simple steps:

DIY Project Steps

1. Measure

Measure the width of your door to determine the length of the seal needed. Ensure you have an accurate measurement to achieve a snug fit.

2. Cut

Cut the roller door seal to the appropriate length. Use a sharp utility knife or a pair of heavy-duty scissors to ensure a clean cut.

3. Mark and Drill

Mark where the hooks line up with the roller seal. Carefully drill a small hole at each mark to make it easier to screw the hooks into place. This step ensures precise alignment and secure attachment. Screw the hooks into place where you drilled the holes. Make sure they are tightly fastened to support the roller seal effectively.

4. Place

Place the roller seal on the hooks and ensure it fits snugly against the floor. Adjust if necessary to create a tight seal that effectively prevents drafts.

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