Deck better this decking season

Deck better this decking season

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Breaking down our top timbers to help get your decking jobs done. 

Summer’s in sight, and Australians everywhere are standing at their back door saying “this is the year we put the deck in.”

“You said that last year,” says their partner. “Yeah, but… (mumble mumble),” they reply.

That’s when you, the humble tradie, get the call. So, to help you get those decks done for Decking Season 2024, we’re spotlighting some of our top materials.

It starts and ends with timber 

Our experts could spend hours talking about timbers. It makes them great for decking advice, but terrible to get stuck in a lift with.

Here’s a rundown of five of their top deck recommendations.


Treated Pine

●     Treated Pine Decking is a long-lasting, low-cost option for decking or screening

●     Can be painted or stained any colour

●     Durable and termite-resistant

●     Often used for structural beams for decks, as well as pergolas, balustrades, fences and furniture.


Spotted Gum

●     A premium native hardwood, Spotted Gum is naturally durable and bushfire resistant, with a great-looking wavy grain.

●     Ideal for anywhere staining isn’t a concern (eg. around pools) due to its low tannin content

●     Great for applications like decking with heavy foot traffic

●     Used for above-ground applications it has a lifespan of over 40 years. Like a turtle, but more interesting.


Silvertop Ash

●     This large Australian hardwood is light compared to other hardwoods, with a medium texture and a straight grain.

●     Moderately durable and fire resistant

●     Ideal for decking, privacy screens, fencing and feature panels in the garden



●     Merbau is a long-lasting, durable hardwood ideally suited for decking, screening and fencing

●     Has natural oils that help maintain its looks, and it’s both termite resistant and easy to care for 

●     Easy to cut and fasten 

●     Distinctive grain provides both beauty and durability


Composite Decking

●     Composite decking is a low-maintenance and high performance material made up of both wood and plastic rather than timber

●     Ideal for a natural timber look without the maintenance 

●     Splinter-free, termite proof, do not leach and are scratch, fade and mould resistant

●     No need for staining, oiling or painting


Find the right finish

Hard, durable decking like Merbau typically doesn’t need finishing, and some treated pine won’t require any added protection unless facing north or west. 

Most other timbers naturally turn a silver-grey colour over a year, so consider painting or staining.


Before coating that deck…

New decks should be left to weather for 4-6 weeks to let the timber release its oils and tannins. Test if it’s ready with a spray of water – if the drops bead off, it’s too soon to seal.

Sand following the grain to avoid scratches, then check the surface is clean. Talk to our team about any sanding gear you might need. 


Oil-based vs. water based coatings

Oil based coatings work by penetrating the timber – think of a sponge soaking in liquid. It leaves timber with a richer look, but requires more work to maintain.

Water based coatings penetrate the timber, but also build a film on the surface. They create less warmth of colour, but they’re easier to use, faster drying and safer overall.



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