Gimme My Makita (Battery) Back, Mac!

Gimme My Makita (Battery) Back, Mac!

Reviewing their smart, safe batteries.    

This month, we’re putting Makita in the spotlight – a spotlight powered by their powerful, reliable lithium-ion batteries.

As a trusted brand on worksites across the world, Makita has put a lot of research into the ways we use tools. From this, they’ve developed a range of batteries that covers almost any use.

What makes Makita batteries special?  

They’re versatile

Makita has three lithium-ion battery sizes with different capacities and uses.


Makita LXT 18V

The gold standard, available from 3Ah through to 6Ah. 

●     Highly versatile, suited for long days or short jobs,

●     With no memory effect and a low self-discharge time, you don’t need to worry about it deteriorating over time.

●     Impact resistant, so they can handle some knocks.

●     Can be paired up with a second 18V battery for 36V machines, giving you some extra punch when you need it.


Makita CXT 12V

The little brother, available in 2Ah and 4Ah

●     Smaller capacity, but optimised specifically for brushless motors to run a lot more efficiently.

●     Features charge overload protection

●     Optimised for work in sub-zero temperatures. So, the average Melbourne summer day.


Makita XGT 40V

The big brother (with just as much brains) comes in 2.5Ah and 4Ah.

●     Overcharge and overheating protection built in, so you can rely on it lasting out the job.

●     Features a thicker casing, providing more shock protection to go with the extra weight.

●     IPX4 rated, so it’s completely splash-proof (don’t drop it in a bath, though) and will keep dirt and dust out.

●     The extra power of 40V provides a 30% faster speed on most tools.


They’re safer

Lithium-ion batteries have received attention lately after instances of catching fire when overheated (read our ‘Worker Safety in the Spotlight’ article for more info). Luckily, Makita has this covered. 

Makita Lithium-Ion batteries are manufactured to strict standards and engineered with internal circuitry to monitor battery conditions when in use with Makita tools, equipment and chargers. 

It’s why they (and we) recommend against “knock-off” or altered batteries, which interrupt this sophisticated safety system. Stick with the right chargers and tools, and overheating won’t be an issue.



Which battery is right for me?

That depends on the job. The great thing about Makita’s batteries is they’re all compatible with your Makita tools, AND all with a similar charging time.


The LXT 18V: Oomph plus adaptability. By being able to combine two for 36V, having a few charged means you’re ready for almost any job.


The CXT 12V: Lightweight and smart. It’s punchy for its size, and its weather adaptability means cold will bother you more than your tools.


The XGT 40V: Safety meets serious power. It’s the heaviest, but the extra speed and durability make it a hit on even the toughest jobsite.


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