Making tech the handiest tool of the tradie

Making tech the handiest tool of the tradie

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Making tech the handiest tool of the tradie.

How tradies can stay ahead of the game AND make their lives easier.

Anyone with on-site experience knows there’s always paperwork waiting at the end of the day.

In fact, research shows that invoicing, sending quotes and other tasks steal up to 14 hours of a tradie’s time every week. That’s nearly two full workdays, making finding time to look for simpler, tech-smart ways to do things tough.

With technology finding its way into more industries and age groups than ever, there’s now a way for nearly any job to take advantage. In fact, 70% of tradies already know there are probably tech solutions out there that would make managing their business more efficient.

That’s where we stepped in. With strong tradie relationships across Australia, Mitre 10 Trade Centre has pulled together the tech solutions to make your work life simpler and smarter.

Why does technology matter for trade?

It saves time and streamlines

As we’ve pointed out, paperwork is a big part of any trade – frustrating when you’d prefer to be on the tools. This is the first area where the right tech can be a big help, bringing all your paperwork online to make it more accessible and efficient. In fact, going paperless can save a business around 90 minutes of work, every day.

It makes communicating simple

Tech can make business faster, particularly when it comes to communication.

With the right apps in place to connect you with clients, you’re able to be more professional and prompt with getting back to them. This in turn means more job leads paying off, and more income generated.

It improves professionalism

How things look matters. When your potential customers are used to a certain level of technology in their own jobs, they’ll appreciate seeing it in yours.

If you were choosing between the person pulling paper out of their pockets and the one quoting digitally, which would you trust with your business?

Trade services from Mitre 10 Trade Centre

Mitre 10 Trade Centre has a few tech options designed specifically for our trade customers ready to go. Here are a few of the solutions we offer – take a look to see what might help your business.


This handy site pulls together all your business with Mitre 10 in one place, making it quick and easy to get an overview of what, when and where on the go.

Access your account balances, invoices and statements, or pay your account quickly at any time via credit card. TradeOnline even stores all your proof-of-delivery signatures and delivery images for jobs.


Want to be able to check your delivery is on the way? Try TruckTracker. When your next delivery leaves the Mitre 10 yard, you’ll automatically get an SMS with a link to follow the truck’s location in real time.

Like TradeOnline, TruckTracker also stores your proof-of-delivery signatures and drop-off photos, making it the ultimate tool for staying informed and getting your deliveries in full and on time.

Trade+ Pass

As Australia’s largest trade-focused building supplies network, Mitre 10 is always close by. We also know how important getting good value, getting the gear and getting going is.

Trade+ Pass gives you access to great trade rates at any Mitre 10, whether you’re working near your local store or taking a job somewhere new. Just open your app to find the closest Mitre 10, pick up what you need, show your Trade+ barcode at the counter, and get back on site. Simple.


Digital PDF orders are a step in the right direction for going digital, but even then, you’ve probably found keeping track of the right files – especially when you’re on the go – can be a hassle.

TradeSync quickly and smoothly converts any PDF orders straight into our system, saving you the headache and delays of file-hunting.


Putting together orders, checking prices, making estimates – they’re a vital part of your business, but can be a pain.

Buildxact’s all-in-one estimating and job management software helps you save time, increase efficiency and make a profit by letting you access the Mitre 10 price list directly. Have the most accurate, up-to-date prices at your fingertips, then estimate, manage and do accounts for any job all in the one place.

Let’s get that tech on deck

Ready to look into streamlining and find out which solutions will help you most (again, that number was around 90 minutes of work saved every day with tech)? Find out more about Mitre 10 Trade Centre’s Trade Technology Services today.


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