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Room Reveals

  • Norm & Jess: Living + Dining
    Norm & Jess: Living + Dining

    Function is the key in kitchens and this one has it. White Falcon and Sky Dancer from accent paints add a touch of classic in this modern space.


    Cool White Palette


    Sea Blue Palette


    Golden Tan Palette

  • Kerrie & Spence: Living + Dining
    Kerrie & Spence: Living + Dining

    Soft, warm and opulent. There are options aplenty to relax in the gentleness of this clam retreat. Accent Vanilla Candle and Sky Dancer meld into the softness and warmth of this master bedroom suite.

    Ethereal Snow

    Urban Palette

    Aquatic Teal

    Aqua Palette


    Golden Tan Palette

  • Courtney & Hans: Living + Dining
    Courtney & Hans: Living + Dining

    The natural feature of the bedhead in this retreat pairs wonderfully with Accent White Meadow. The quirky artwork effortlessly brings the blues of the couch and accessories into the colour scheme.


    Warm White Palette

    Industrial City

    Urban Palette

    Alluring Blue

    Urban Palette

  • Bianca & Carla: Living + Dining
    Bianca & Carla: Living + Dining

    Moody window furnishings set of the in-fashion greys of the dining chairs, sideboard and walls painted in Accent Midnight Myth. The blonde wood floors and table add balance to what could be a too monotone space. The warmth of the supple leather couch lures you in to cosy up in the lush living area.

    Midnight Myth

    Grey Palette


    Warm White Palette

  • Hayden & Sara: Living + Dining
    Hayden & Sara: Living + Dining

    An elegant grown up space, with walls painted in Accent White Falcon the Dining and Lounge spaces merge to what is ultimately a comfortable liveable area. The wide profile hardwood floors provide warmth and character.

    White Falcon

    Warm White Palette


    Bright Blue Palette

    Tranquil Rose

    Urban Palette