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Week 3 - Master Ensuite

  • Norm & Jess: Master Ensuite
    Norm & Jess: Master Ensuite

    Sophisticated harmomy.

    The sophisticated warmth from the woodgrain featured drawers on the vanity create a focal point in a cool light space. The classic grey of Accent Spire is perfect adding harmony to the natural marble and wood elements.


    Cool White Palette

    Stormy Destiny

    Grey Palette

    Rose Cottage

    Red Palette

  • Hayden & Sara: Master Ensuite
    Hayden & Sara: Master Ensuite

    Moody perfection in a Master Ensuite.

    Escape into your own personal spa. The dark tile and bespoke gold bath are a bold choice. Modern black tapware adds to the ambience of this alluring space. Accent White Falcon on the ceiling allows light to filter down into this space.

    White Falcon

    Warm White Palette

    Urban Stone

    Neutral Palette

    Nigerian Sands

    Grey Palette

  • Bianca & Carla: Master Ensuite
    Bianca & Carla: Master Ensuite

    How Luxe is this look?

    Accent Tormenta together with the these beautifully co-ordinated floor and feature wall tiles make this ensuite lavish. The remaining walls tiled in white provide a bright easy to maintain and practical finish. The customised look to the floating vanity delivers warmth with the illusion of space.


    Warm White Palette

    Industrial City

    Urban Palette

    Mercury Shower

    Grey Palette

  • Courtney & Hans: Master Ensuite
    Courtney & Hans: Master Ensuite

    So simple, so elegant.

    The floor tile included as a feature in the shower and above vanity niche provides a point of interest and brings this look together. Accent Vianca complements the simple elegance of this space. Creating a feature with the bath draws your eye to the end of the room, inviting you to while away hours soaking away life’s concerns.


    Warm White Palette


    Grey Palette

    Tranquil Rose

    Urban Palette

  • Kerrie & Spence: Master Ensuite
    Kerrie & Spence: Master Ensuite

    Great storage and defined space.

    No arguments over which space is yours and which is mine in this defined en-suite. Accent Ethereal Snow is a tasteful complement to this bright light-filled space. Well, thought out storage will ensure keeping this space meticulous a snap.

    Ethereal Snow

    Urban Palette

    Jupiter Beam

    Urban Palette


    Orange Palette