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Week 4 - Master Bedroom + WIR

  • Hayden & Sara: Master Bedroom
    Hayden & Sara: Master Bedroom

    Lavish Blues
    Never worry about the Blues in this lavish space. Accent White Falcon creates harmony with the plush bedding and a stunning feature wall in Accent Blue Warrior.

    White Falcon

    Warm White Palette

    Blue Warrior

    Mauve Blue Palette

    Deeply Cool

    Urban Palette

    Tranquil Rose

    Urban Palette

  • Kerrie & Spence: Master Bedroom
    Kerrie & Spence: Master Bedroom

    Lush velvet
    This welcoming space will soothe away your cares, the simple no fuss use of Accent Ethereal Snow and Accent Enchanted White on the robe doors complement the soothing charm of the grey finish besides and the lush pink bedding.

    Ethereal Snow

    Urban Palette

    Enchanted White

    Warm White Palette

    Ocean Fog

    Sea Blue Palette


    Pink Palette

  • Courtney & Hans: Master Bedroom
    Courtney & Hans: Master Bedroom

    Sweet Dreams
    Natural light floods into this delightful space. Accent Papyrus Scroll walls teamed with trims in Accent Enchanted White harmonise with the soft and restful dusty pink featured in this elegant, wistful room.

    Papyrus Scroll

    Neutral Palette

    Enchanted White

    Warm White Palette

    Graceful Gown

    Urban Palette


    Warm White Palette

  • Norm & Jess: Master Bedroom
    Norm & Jess: Master Bedroom

    The soft grey tone of Accent Spire brings poise and grace to a room for the ages. Grey, Blue and a pop of Yellow soft furnishings enhance this stylish space.


    Cool White Palette

    Boston Grey

    Neutral Palette

    Indian Yellow

    Golden Tan Palette

  • Bianca & Carla: Master Bedroom
    Bianca & Carla: Master Bedroom

    Moody and Modern
    This moody room features Accent Tormenta perfectly positioned to highlight the bespoke feature in Accent Midnight Myth and cleverly matched door. The warm wood texture adjacent enhances the deep lush tones.


    Warm White Palette

    Midnight Myth

    Grey Palette

    Wisteria Blossom

    Grey Violet Palette