Week 1 - Main Bathroom

  1. Kerrie & Spence: Main Bathroom

    Kerrie & Spence: Main Bathroom
    Monochrome and Bright Using a splash of colour in the accessories of this classic monochrome schemed bathroom has given hint of pizazz and a boost to the overall look. The door, shutters and trim is in Accent White Night from the Cool White Palette.
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  2. Courtney & Hans: Main Bathroom

    Courtney & Hans: Main Bathroom
    Simple and Sophisticated. Light bounces around this opulent bathroom. Keeping benches tidy will be no issue with large storage drawers and the practical nook in the shower and above the bathroom vanity for decorative and useful bits and bobs. The door and trims have been painted in Accent Vianca from the Warm White Palette.
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  3. Bianca & Carla: Main Bathroom

    Bianca & Carla: Main Bathroom
    Classic, bright and inviting. Bright, natural light floods into this large open-feel bathroom. Neutral toned Accent Tormenta from the Accent Warm White palette and the wood grain ceiling add a touch of warmth the bathroom which is traditionally a cool space.
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  4. Hayden & Sara: Main Bathroom

    Hayden & Sara: Main Bathroom
    Nature within. The natural vertical garden makes this bathroom feel like a luxurious oasis. The cool tiled walls are offset with the feature of a black towel rail and door (not shown in this image) in Accent Black Diamond.
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  5. Norm & Jess: Main Bathroom

    Norm & Jess: Main Bathroom
    A day spa at home This stylish floating vanity gives the bathroom a real opulence and classic style. Black tapware compliments this retreat like space. Relax and recharge in the deluxe bathtub. Accent Spire from the Cool White Palette has been used as the main paint colour.
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