The New Faces of Aussie Homes in 2024

The New Faces of Aussie Homes in 2024

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Mitre 10 is the home of whole-of-house solutions. This month, as we focus on cladding, we’ll look at the seven trends shaping new Australian homes from the recently-released James Hardie Modern Homes Forecast 2024.

Read on for a summary of each, then talk to the experts at your local Mitre 10 about cladding solutions to match.

Modern Farmhouse

Grand, classic, cohesive. This style balances traditional and contemporary elements for a sense of simplicity and space. 


Looks like…

  • Open, minimalist aesthetic and neutral colours
  • Natural materials and traditional look
  • Furnishings with hints of new and classic


Cladding suggestions…

  • Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding and Axon™ Cladding painted in neutral colours brings focus to the textures
  • Natural-look materials like vertical joint Axon™ Cladding contrast with black window frames to add definition

Modern Heritage

Elevated, refined, reimagined. Contrast defines this look, elevating heritage homes with thoughtful restorations and extensions. 


Looks like…

  • Old/new contrast, with modern floor plans, fixtures and fittings complementing the original building’s style
  • Simplicity and a linear approach (eg. flat rooves)


Cladding suggestions…

  • Heritage house in white Linea™ Weatherboard contrasting a modern extension in dark Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding
  • Vertical Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding and the horizontal Linea™ Weatherboard distinguish each section

Box Modern

Bold, precise, contemporary. This style is characterised by large blocks or cubes stacked or intersecting compellingly.


Looks like…

  • Big, sharp, geometric shapes
  • Minimalist principles and contrasting colours
  • Bold, luxury materials


Cladding suggestions…

  • Horizontal lines of Stria™ Cladding contrasting the panel layouts from Matrix™ Cladding and Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding to distinguish each shape
  • Capping or guttering can blend with Stria™ Cladding, or create a dark outline to accentuate shape



Zen, minimalist, ambient. This style combines Scandi functionality with Japanese minimalism. 


Looks like…

  • Neutral colours and simple layouts
  • Natural materials, rustic textures and organic shapes
  • Multi-purpose, flexible spaces


Cladding suggestions…

  • Traditional finishes such as Axon™ Cladding mixed with natural timber bring a calm appearance
  • Neutral colours within the same tonal scheme to add warmth


Simple, versatile, inviting. Inspired by Nordic minimalism, this style features warmth, natural materials and a connection with nature. 


Looks like…

●        A classic barn structure adopting other design concepts

●        Pared-back palettes and natural-texture furnishings

●        Airy, uncluttered interiors


Cladding suggestions…

●        Large windows accentuate the house’s length combined with Hardie™ Deck and large sliding doors

●        Vertical lines of Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding can handle dark colours and give a sense of craftsmanship


Modern Coastal

Open, airy, light-filled. Inspired by Aussie beach heritage, this is a modern take on coastal design with minimalist, laid-back spaces.


Looks like…

  • Crisp white weatherboards with textured cladding
  • Large-span windows and wide entrances
  • Natural textures, soft shades of green and blue


Cladding suggestions…

  • Façades feature crisp white cladding, such as Linea™ Weatherboard
  • The strong shadow lines of the Linea™ Weatherboard nod to traditional beach houses

Mid-Century Modern

Functional, nostalgic, effortlessly cool. This classic style balances modern minimalism with Mid-Century Modern architecture. 


Looks like…

  • Geometric lines contrasting with organic shapes
  • Flat or raked roof lines, floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Minimalist but light-hearted exteriors


Cladding suggestions…

  • Axon™ Cladding’s vertical groove panels pay tribute to the wood panelling of the 1970s.
  • Hardie™ Brushed Concrete Cladding’s swept texture resembles fine render, and puts focus on the building’s form

Want to know more?

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