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Outdoor Living

Autumnal outdoor heating options

Autumn temperatures can be quite mild, so it's still a good time plan outdoor lunches, brunches and barbecue dinners, however ensure you and your guests have a cosy atmosphere with outdoor heating. There's an outdoor heating option to suit every budget, taste and space.
Outdoor Living

How to build a dog kennel

Everybody deserves a good solid roof over their head to keep out the elements. Especially your best friend. Even though he or she comes equipped with their own fur coat, the sun, rain, wind and cold can make life pretty uncomfortable for them. So here's a haven for your hound which is easy to put together and can be adapted to suit all sizes of dogs.
Paths & Landscaping

How to build a picket fence

There may come a time when you have to replace your fence- whether it be for more privacy, to keep the kids and pets in, or to add a nice feature to the front of your house. This how-to shows you how to build the classic picket fence.
Planting & Growing

How to build a vertical garden

There are many types of vertical wall gardens to choose, from purpose built pots and stands to re-using an old pallet or guttering. Vertical gardens can add a flourishing, living garden to even the smallest of outdoor areas.