Planting & Growing

Building a Garden Bed With Treated Pine Sleepers

Building a garden bed with sleepers is a great way to give your garden some structure and charm while offering a sturdy spot for your plants to thrive. Follow these simple steps to create your own garden bed:

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5 Benefits of Using Debco Multi Purpose Potting Mix

Unlock the secret to thriving indoor and outdoor gardens with Debco Multi Purpose Potting Mix, a game-changer in plant care that brings together innovation and reliability.

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Herbs and Vegetables To Plant in Autumn

Planting herbs and vegetables in autumn can be a great way to extend your gardening season and enjoy fresh produce well into the cooler months. Here's a list of herbs and vegetables that are planted in autumn:

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Essential Winter Garden Ideas to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Time to rug up and get outside to enjoy your winter garden- the garden waits for no one!

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Tips for Growing and Caring for Tomatoes

With the right care and attention, growing tomatoes can be a rewarding experience. From choosing the right location to providing structural support and adequate water, these tips will guide you towards growing delicious tomatoes in your home garden.

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How to grow seedlings successfully

When it comes to kickstarting plant growth from seeds, one popular method is using a seedling tray or seedling starter tray. This approach offers greater control over the growing environment compared to direct sowing into the soil. So, you can create the perfect conditions for your little seedlings to thrive.

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5 Reasons To Use Sugar Cane Mulch

Using Sugar Cane Mulch is an easy, affordable, and natural way to care for your garden. It’s perfect for all gardens and potted plants.

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