For a barbecue that’s built to last, choose a Weber. Our BBQs, accessories and the Weber Qs, are perfect for creating more than just food memories. They’re also ideal for holiday entertaining or that backyard party everyone will be talking about for years to come.

The Compact and Powerful Weber Q Range

From balconies to backyards, from the beach to the bush, there's a BBQ to suit the occasion. Couples and families will  relish the compact size and powerful cooking abilities of our versatile compact BBQ range.

Weber Baby Q BBQWeber Baby Q BBQ

Fits a whole roast chicken and is compact enough for any Aussie balcony.

Weber Q BBQWeber Q BBQ

Perfect for all occasions, big enough for the family, compact for caravanning.

Weber Q BBQWeber Q BBQ

Grill a variety of foods simultaneously, perfect for gatherings and family cookouts.

Weber Family Q BBQWeber Family Q BBQ

Big backyard parties are the Family Q specialty.

Unlock the Possibilities of a Weber BBQ

Master the art of roasting, grilling and smoking with a genuine Weber BBQ. Whether you're after the convenience of a Weber Q or looking for the unmistakable flavour of a Weber charcoal kettle, we'll get you started on your BBQ journey.

Weber Charcoal BBQsWeber Charcoal BBQs

The Rapidfire™ V grate provides the most advanced charcoal cooking technology. Cooking with charcoal is a bold flavour of honest ingredients. It is a passion, a deep sense of connection and an unforgettable shared experience.

Weber Gas BBQ'sWeber Gas BBQ's

Get perfectly grilled food every time with the Spirit™ GS4 cooking system. These gas barbecues can cook 12 burgers at once on two convenient grill surfaces and three stainless steel burners. Its compact design offers easy transportion.

Weber Q BBQ AccessoriesWeber Q BBQ Accessories

BBQing can be a big part of everyone’s summer, so we’re rounding up our best accessories that are sure to turn your BBQ into the ultimate outdoor party.

Weber Q BBQsWeber Q BBQs

Grill like a pro, in your backyard or on a balcony. Weber Q is clean, simple and easy to use, so you can enjoy an instant meal with loved ones.

New Release Weber Q Models

Increased Lid Volume

Up to +46% increased volume

Increased Surface Area

Up to 14% more surface area

Angled Burner

For better heat distribution

Removable Sidetables

Detachable and stowable

Grease Management

Makes cleaning easy

Front Facing Knobs

Easily control your temperature

iGrill Compatible

Monitor your cooking from your phone


Tri-directional vents for better circulation

Exclusive for + Models!

Additional Burner

Explore and experience more ways of cooking. Experience Low & Slow or High Sear.

Recipes to Try with Your Weber

Whether you're a BBQ pro or just starting out, these recipes will have you owning the grill game. So, fire up that Weber and let's get cookin'—it's time for flavour-packed fun in your backyard! 

A dish to impress! A long cook time results in lamb that is tender and almost falling apart.

To accompany your perfectly cooked reverse-seared steak, Weber has created a sauce that just screams delicious - it should be called Cowboy Sauce, because it'll make you go “Yee-Haaa” with joy when you first taste it! It’s incredible and will become your new favourite steak sauce.

Weber Q Smoked Lamb Shoulder Recipe

A dish to impress! A long cook time results in lamb that is tender and almost falling apart.

Weber Q Smoked Lamb Shoulder RecipeWeber Q Smoked Lamb Shoulder Recipe

Weber Q Seared Rib Eye With Steak Sauce

To accompany your Rib Eye Steak, Weber have created a sauce that just screams delicious.

Weber Q Reverse Seared Rib Eye With Steak SauceWeber Q Reverse Seared Rib Eye With Steak Sauce

Pineapple, rum, lime and coconut…this is practically a party on a plate! This great combo of fragrant tropical flavours makes for the perfect festive dessert. 

This bright vegetable salad with its fruity citrus dressing is the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas turkey, ham or baked fish. This recipe can be cooked on any BBQ but for optimal results use the new Weber Q. Because there is consistent, even heat across the entire cooking surface the new Weber Q ensures the delicate asparagus and zucchini cook evenly. 

Everyone will be coming back for more with these tasty chicken wings, accompanied by a summer season mango and herb salad. This recipe can be cooked on any BBQ but for optimal results use the new Weber Q, For perfectly cooked chicken the Weber Q also offers the option to use the Weber Connect Integration.

Accessories for the Whole Weber Range

Buying a barbecue is the start of a journey of discovery - new meals; cuisines and cooking styles - are all achievable with our BBQs and genuine accessories.

Weber Hotplates & TraysWeber Hotplates & Trays

Bacon and eggs in the morning, snags for lunch and steak for dinner.

Weber Pans & CookingWeber Pans & Cooking

Anything's possible with our range of frying pans and accessories.

Weber Roasting PacksWeber Roasting Packs

Racks of ribs and chickens choc-full of flavour. Roasts will never be the same.

The Weber Traveler

For those that enjoy the great outdoors but still demand that great barbecue taste. Easy to travel with, set-up and store, the Traveler is your secret to perfect adventures with friends and family.

The Weber Spirit II

Gas barbecuing will become a favourite with the Spirit II  range. Multiple generous cooking zones allow you to grill mains and appetisers at the same time.

Hood-down barbecuing is a breeze with the Spirit II, locking in unmistakable BBQ flavour with even cooking temperatures across the whole grill.

Authentic Weber Kettles and Smokers

For a truly authentic BBQ flavour, our charcoal kettles and smokers just can't be beat. The low, slow cooking style of a charcoal roast will be talked about for many parties to come.

Weber KettlesWeber Kettles

The original and the best. Neighbours know when the kettle's firing.

Weber Portable Charcoal ContainerWeber Portable Charcoal Container

Down at the beach or camping in the bush - there's always time to grill.

Weber IGrillWeber IGrill

The Weber iGrill

From novice to pit-master, an accurate and reliable thermometer will be sure to take your roasting game from over-done and dry to spot-on pink and juicy.

The iGrill range lets you monitor your roast while still being the life of the party and the host with the most.

Master your Weber

Whether it's cooking the perfect roast or day-to-day maintenance, we make it easy.

Cooking Pizzas

Pizza's cooked on a Weber Q are unbelievable!

BBQ Roasts

Barbecue roasts in a Weber Spirit can't compare.

A Weber Q Turkey

Xmas roast a turkey on your Weber Q.

Grilling the Perfect Steak

Juicey and tender is the only way.

Chops and Sausages

Load up the Weber for the whole family.

Spirit II Cleaning

Keep your BBQ like new, year after year.

Hotplate Maintenance

Cook Salmon and care for your hotplates.

Easy Weber Q Maintenance

Save time and effort with regular maintenance.

A Weber BBQ to suit every backyard

With more than 70 years of experience in designing barbecues, we understand what the home chef is looking for.Mitre 10 is proud to offer a truly impressive selection of products from the our range, helping everyone enjoy a delicious meal with friends and loved ones wherever they are. 

Made from durable materials and provided with industry-leading warranties, our barbecues are for life. Constant innovation hasn’t changed what makes our barbecues' special – exceptional cooking performance, extreme longevity and incredible ease of use. With a range of features including easy-clean stainless-steel Q burners, infinite control burner valves and one-touch piezoelectric ignition, grilling has never been easier. Discover the difference for yourself withMitre 10 – you’ll never go back. 

Browse the Weber barbecue range today 

Whether it’s a famous Weber Kettle barbecue, a member of the Weber Q™ (Baby Q, Weber Q or Family Q) range or Spirit gas range, Weber Barbecues will provide you with the perfect cooking solution for your outdoor entertainment area. Looking for something smokier? The Weber charcoal range offers old-style cooking in a convenient, modern package. Take the party with you with the Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal BBQ or experience the Weber as it was intended to be with the Original Kettle BBQ

Browse today and discover your new favourite way to cook at Mitre 10.

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