Planting & Growing

Maintaining Orchids During Winter

Proper care is essential to ensure the health of orchids, particularly during the winter. Here are some tips for caring for orchids in winter

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Vegetables To Plant For Winter Gardening

These vegetables are renowned for their ability to withstand and thrive in cold weather conditions.

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How To Propagate Plants

You may have come across the term “plant propagation” and wondered what it is. Put simply this is the technique of creating a new plant from an existing one. Sounds complicated? Not at all. Our hack will help you to succeed. Propagated plants make the best gifts for family and friends or help you extend your garden without having to buy new plants. 

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How To Build a Planter Box

In this Mighty helpful article, we will show you 5 simple steps to build you own planter box.

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How To Repot an Indoor Plant

Here we provide you with some simple tips to repot your beautiful plant and ensure it lives a long and healthy life!

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How to make a Frog Hotel

Whether you want a fun project for the weekend, or nature is a bit more of your thing, we’ll show you how to build your own Frog Hotel, to keep our little friends happy coming into Autumn and Winter.

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