Water Your Plants Wisely

Water Your Plants Wisely

In the average Australian home up to half of the household water usage is in the garden, but not all this water is put to good use. That means watering your yard efficiently is one of the best and easiest ways to save water. Efficient water-use allows you not only to save water, but also reduce your water bills, and best care for your thirsty plants. 


Water your plants in the morning or evening 

Plants can make the most of the water they receive in the mornings or evenings because less water is lost through evaporation in the heat by watering in the least sunny times of the day. 

Not only will the plants lose less water compared to watering when the sun is high in the sky, but they also won’t be at risk of leaf, stem or root damage from the water heating up and burning the fragile plant structures. This means both the planet, your water bills and your plants will thank you for an early morning or evening shower.

Water slowly and directly onto the roots 

Plants absorb water through their roots, so it makes sense not to waste water by spraying the entire plant. Any water that finds its way onto the plant foliage will be lost to evaporation by the sun or wind. 

Slow watering to the roots is also essential to making the most of the water you are providing your plants. If you water too quickly, the soil doesn’t have time to absorb the water leaving the top of the plant flooded with water being lost through running off the top of the plant. 

Consider if your garden REALLY needs to be watered

Is your garden in need of a good shower? Or are you just in a gardening mood? A simple way to check whether your plants are in need of watering is to put your finger into the soil near the base of the plant, if the soil is moist below the surface, then there’s no need to water.  

Another sign to look out for are the leaves. If the leaves are dry and crispy, often with brown edges your plant may be underwatered, whilst overwatered plants will have leaves that are limp and soft. 

If you want to take out the guesswork, you can use a moisture reader to accurately measure the soil moisture and know when to water.   

Install an efficient drip irrigation system with a water timer 

Take the pressure off remembering to water your plants in the mornings or evenings by automating the process. Just make sure to adjust your watering schedules with changing seasons, plants becoming established and when it rains. Learn how to install an irrigation system

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