How To Update Your Outdoor Decking

How To Update Your Outdoor Decking

Is your decking looking tired and weathered? Maybe it’s time to clean and oil your decking or update your timber colour with a decking stain. You can rejuvenate and transform exterior timber such as decking and furniture for a long lasting, beautiful result. Here’s how.

1. Planning a New Look 

If your decking is starting to rot, discolour or splinter then maybe it’s time to give it a bit of TLC to bring it back to life by replacing old damaged boards and applying a deck oil. This will helps prevent moisture and UV damage, that leads to rotting, warping, fading, mould and mildew. Not things you want on your expensive timber deck.

Give your deck a new lease of life by enhancing the colour of exterior timber decking with a long lasting, beautiful result. Bring timber surfaces back to their sparkling best – just in time for summer! 

2. Cleaning Up

First up you’ll need to prepare the decking area by removing any outdoor furniture, pot plants and ornaments. Sweep and hose off the area to remove any dirt and debris. You can use a pressure cleaner to clean the decking or use a deck cleaner to remove more stubborn leaf stains and discolouring from dirt and mould.

3. Washing the Deck

Cabot’s Deck Cleaner is perfect for cleaning off built up mould and mildew as well as helping to provide a more even appearance where staining has occurred due to decaying leaves and dirt. The Cabot’s Deck Brush with its strong bristles is great for cleaning decking timber. Allow the cleaning solution a few minutes to work its magic before hosing it off to reveal a clean deck ready to oil.

4. Drying the Deck

The Cabot’s Deck Brush offers a handy squeegee attachment that can be used to remove excess liquid and expedite the drying time. Ensure that your decking timber is dry before applying any decking oil or stain products as this will provide the best result.

5. Replacing Damaged Decking

Over time your decking timber is exposed to harsh sun and weather conditions that will cause timber to deteriorate, split and splinter. Before applying a stain or oil to your deck now’s the time to make any repairs to replace damaged decking timber.

Choose replacement decking timber that matches your existing decking and remove old timber decking boards and replace with new boards cut to size. For the best result, use galvanised decking screws or ones with a hardened coating that offers anti-corrosion properties and can be matched to your decking colour.

6. Oiling the Deck

The difference between a decking oil and stain is that a stain will improve the appearance of the deck by changing the timber colour while an oil will enhance the current colour if you are wanting to leave your decking the same colour or natural timber. 

The Cabot’s Deckhand Bucket is perfect for applying a decking oil and stain such as Cabot’s Aquadeck. Use the Cabot’s Decking Oil Applicator and remove excess liquid with its handy inbuilt drainage grate before applying the decking oil. Long continuous strokes enable an even finish. Apply 2-3 coats and allow to dry in between each coat.

7. Renew Your Furniture

Any leftover decking oil can be used to refresh your outdoor timber furniture. Simply wash the furniture and give it a light sanding before applying a decking oil such as Cabot’s Aquadeck. Your outdoor timber furniture will look clean, refreshed and new again.

8. Enjoy Your New Deck

Now your old decking has been transformed into a new refreshed look and feel it’s time to style it with plants and furniture to create an outdoor space to enjoy the warmer sunny days out on your deck with a morning coffee or cool afternoon refreshment. 

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