Colour Inspiration

Whether you are searching for home decorating ideas for the inside or outside of your home, Accent can help. Let your imagination run wild as you explore our colour collections.

Accent Interior Inspiration SampleAccent Interior Inspiration Sample

Interior Inspiration

From classic palettes to contemporary colour schemes. Accent interior colours can be easily incorporated into any home.

Accent Exterior Inspiration SampleAccent Exterior Inspiration Sample

Exterior Inspiration

Discover our favourite exterior looks, with colour combinations showcasing neutrals, greys and whites alongside clever pops of colour for a standout finish.

Accent Product Colours SampleAccent Product Colours Sample

All Colours

Accent offers a large range of colour from soft muted pastels through to deeper darker colours. Browse the colours Accent has to offer to find your perfect colour scheme.

DIY Project with Accent

We'll help you start your next home improvement project with these easy-to-follow Accent projects. There are plenty of ideas to choose from.

Shop Products

Accent paint is made in Australia for Australian homes. You can rely on Accent to deliver a quality finish and the satisfaction of a job well done. Whether you're refreshing a room or painting the exterior of your house, Accent has the products to help you acheive a professional looking result every time. Take a look at our range below.

Accent Interior Paint ProductAccent Interior Paint Product

Interior Paint

Accent interior paint has a smooth finish that wipes clean, perfect for you inside projects.

Accent Exterior Paint ProductAccent Exterior Paint Product

Exterior Paint

Long-lasting, UV resistant and offering protection against mould, Accent's exterior paints are the ideal choice.

Accent Prep Paint ProductAccent Prep Paint Product

Prep Paint

Accent's Multi Prep products are the ultimate all in one primer, sealer and undercoat.

Accent Doors, windows, and trims Paint ProductAccent Doors, windows, and trims Paint Product

Doors, Windows & Trims

Accent's Doors, Windows & Trims is perfect for inside and outside projects. Available in water based and oil based paint, both in semi gloss and gloss finishes.

Accent Woodcare ProductsAccent Woodcare Products


Accent's Woodcare range is suitable for your outdoor surfaces from deck cleaners through to treatment oils.

Accent Accessories ProductAccent Accessories Product


Paint rollers, brushes and tapes. Accent has a full range of painting accessories.

Accent Ceiling Paint ProductAccent Ceiling Paint Product

Ceiling Paint

Accent's Ceiling paint has a bright white flat finish to give your ceiling a flawless appearance.

Accent Spray Paint ProductAccent Spray Paint Product


A wide range of decorative and quick-drying sprays available in a great range of colours, primers and varnishes and spot marking.

Accent Fence Paint ProductAccent Fence Paint Product

Fence Finish

Add colour and protection to your fence. Available in 7 contemporary colours.

Paint Calculator

Use our handy paint colour to estimate the amount of paint needed for your project.

Paint Calculator by AccentPaint Calculator by Accent
Aerosol Paint Safety Product InstructionAerosol Paint Safety Product Instruction

Aerosol Paint Can Safety

Learn about the safe use, storage and disposal of aerosol paint cans in the home and at work.

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