3 energy saving innovations to watch

3 energy saving innovations to watch

From insulation to LEDs, we look at the top products trades can use to help customers save energy long term.

Alongside more eco-friendly building materials, one of the top concerns for homeowners today is saving energy. The good news? There are plenty of energy-saving innovations for you to include in their domestic builds. From insulation to lighting and everything in between, here are some of the best.

Eco-friendly insulation and ventilation

There’s a variety of reasons why consumers are becoming more engaged in the market and actively seeking out energy-efficient, environmentally friendly products. From increased awareness around climate change to the benefits of government rebates, homeowners are actively looking for ways to save – and they are no longer accepting the status quo.

So it’s no wonder Bradford is seeing increased demand for their insulation and ventilation solutions. For more than 80 years they’ve been a leader in manufacturing glasswool insulation, which is bio-soluble and made from renewable raw materials.

Bradford also manufactures a range of both natural and powered ventilation systems. Recently, they developed the Bradford SolarXVENT, which is powered by a 10W solar panel and brushless motor to effectively remove heat and moisture from the roof space.

“Keeping roof temperatures at bay, especially in summer, directly contributes to more efficient running of air conditioning,” says Mihalina Moskova, Channel Manager at CSR Masonry & Insulation – Bradford.

“Installing these simple measures into your home can make a world of difference in ensuring homeowners are less reliant on air-conditioning.”

“Installing these simple measures into your home can make a world of difference in ensuring homeowners are less reliant on air-conditioning.”

Seals for all seasons

But it’s not just large-scale systems like HVAC that can result in big energy savings for homeowners. Draughts and dust can easily filter into homes via tiny gaps in windows and underneath doors. That’s where something as small as a weather seal can help.

Cowdroy’s range of weather seals and gap fillers are flexible enough to plug even the most frustrating gap. Easy to install, they can fit into jambs, faces or edges of windows and doors. During the warmer months that allows temperatures to remain moderate, while in winter it ensures the icy chill doesn’t seep into homes – meaning less money spent on heating.

Importantly for homeowners, those lucky enough to be Victorian residents can enjoy generous rebates on weather sealing thanks to the Victorian Energy Upgrades scheme.

Keep the lights on

While insulation and weather seals work to keep the heat in, another way to lower energy costs is by encouraging your clients to choose lighting products that have been specifically designed to reduce energy consumption. Mirabella is a leader in the LED space, with a huge selection of globe types ranging from down lights to reflectors, GLS, tubes, flood lights and more.

Compared to halogen and fluorescent bulbs, LED light globes are extremely energy efficient. Not only do they use up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescents, but they can also last up to 25 times longer. Over the course of just a few months, that can lead to a significant difference in energy bills.

For tradespeople dealing directly with homeowners, suggesting energy-saving solutions for your clients could be the point of difference that sets you apart from the competition.


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