TikTok Tea Break

TikTok Tea Break

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Checking out some of the top tradie channels trending right now

After a hard day on the tools, there’s nothing better than sitting down with a cold bevvy and catching up on your socials.

It might surprise a few people who have been in construction for a while and are less-than-fluent in social media, but TikTok has plenty of content made for – and by – builders and tradies around the world.

That’s why we’re diving in this month to find some light entertainment for your tea break, all from the world of construction and trade. 

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry – and hey, you might even learn something!

Top TikToks for Tradies

Who are @theinspiredunemployed ?

Are they tradies? Nope, but they used to be – now they’re one of the big names in Aussie TikTok comedy.

If you’re looking for a laugh instead of construction tips and tricks, this duo’s observational (and pretty ridiculous) comedy should be right up your alley. There’s a great mix of tradie skits and social media parodies to give you a laugh on your break.

Who is @oldmates ?

How-to's and product reviews, plus a cheeky eye on the everyday life of an Aussie tradie.

Old Mate here loves providing commentary for the internet’s strangest DIY hacks and odd jobs, giving a healthy dose of reality with a grin. He’ll quickly feel like any other tradie mate – hey, you might even forget he’s just on your phone.

Who is @nathanslawnsandgardens ?

Ah, garden jobs – the work that’s never finished. If you’re a green thumb, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

Nathan is all about garden cleaning and maintenance content, with inspo for keeping things looking neat and tidy out back, without breaking the bank (or wrecking your back).

Watching grass grow might not be fun, but watching it get cut to perfection? Mesmerising.

Who is @naileditfencing ?

Tradie, social genius and family guy (not the show), this might be Australia’s funnest fence and gate contractor.

Nailed It Fencing is an all-round go-to for everything from product reviews and walkthroughs to some smart, interesting and impressive fencing solutions. You’ll find education videos, handy how-tos, plus your new fencing friend just having a laugh.

Who is @constructiontips ?

For some great tricks and tips for construction professionals, Sam Irwin is your guy.

Keeping most videos short and sweet at under 30 seconds, Sam’s channel has plenty of videos focused on decking, as well as clever tools and how to use them. There’s usually a giveaway on the go, and Sam is always keen to engage with his viewers in the comments too.

This is content that real pros can use; minimal fuss and flash, just solid construction tips.

Who is @jamiee.walsh ?

Also known as The Pink Tradie, Jaimee is an up-and-coming TikTokker who mixes construction and TikTok trends with a grin.

Jaimee is a chippy by trade, on top of hosting the podcast ‘Life’s Survival Kit’. Her page is a perfect mix of her showing off her great work, jumping on the latest dance trends and generally making an effort to playfully annoy her boss (who actually seems like a legend).


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