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Cement Australia

Proudly manufacturing cement right here in Australia since 1890, Cement Australia has developed a range of high quality cements, blends, just add water mixes, sands, oxides and complementary additives that are specifically designed for your applications. This range is continually developed and optimised to ensure that it satisfies your project needs.

cement for postscement for posts

Cement Australia manufactures consistent, high performance General Purpose cement and General Blend cements including customised blends to suit any project.

diy concretediy concrete

Dry Mix (Just Add Water)

Cement Australia removes the guesswork out of proportioning cement, sand and aggregates for quality concrete mixes. Our drymix range has been formulated to suit the tradies’ requirements, but easy enough to use for the home handyman, all that’s left to add is water.

cement sandcement sand


From quality factory dried sand for use on a range of home, garden and building applications to special blended Gap Sand designed to lock into place all types of brick and block paving.

cement australia mortarcement australia mortar

Mortar & Render

Cement Australia has developed quality mortar and render mixes so that you can take on small projects conveniently and confidently. Whether you are a professional bricklayer or just keen on doing home improvements, you can rely on our products to give you impressive results, every time.

cement australia oxide render colouringcement australia oxide render colouring

A range of specialised products developed for trade professionals, designed for excellent compatibility with Cement Australia packaged cement and drymix products to improve the aesthetics and quality of mortars, renders and concrete.

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concrete post supportconcrete post support

Need to calculate for your next project?

We can help you calculate the cost on how much concrete, cement, mortar, sand, or render you will need.

Need to calculate for your next project?

We can help you calculate the cost on how much concrete, cement, mortar, sand, or render you will need.

calculate concrete for building with brickcalculate concrete for building with brick

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