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Fletcher Insulation
Fletcher Insulation

Fletcher Insulation is a leading Australian producer and marketer of insulation solutions designed especially for Australian climatic conditions. The company believes all Australians deserve great insulation for comfortable, healthy, safe and energy-efficient living 

What’s inside matters

Whether building a new home or renovating, what’s inside walls, above ceilings, under floors and roofing does matter. Reducing energy costs, thermal and acoustic comfort, controlling condensation and choosing fire-resistant products is made easy with our whole-of-home solutions.

Insulation Selection Guide

Use this guide to select the right Pink® Batts for your home for an energy efficient, comfortable and healthy way to live.

Wall Wrap Selection Guide

Where you live, how much insulation you have and what your home is made of, all affect your choice of Sisalation® wall wrap. 

FirmaSoft® Wall and Ceiling insulation batts are perfectly balanced. They’re the ideal batt choice for those who want a product that’s soft and comfortable to handle, and guaranteed to be a firm fit for easy installation. It’s another great insulation batt made in Australia by Fletcher Insulation, and as always with up to 80% recycled content.

With Pink® Batts throughout your home, your cooling and heating systems will work more efficiently and be cheaper to run. As you save money, you’ll be doing your bit to help save the environment too. Plus you get the peace-of-mind knowing they’re made by Fletcher Insulation in Australia from up to 80% recycled content. 

The Sisalation® range of wall wraps and roof sarkings is designed to protect your build from the elements and help manage condensation. They also allow thermal and acoustic insulation to work most effectively and contribute to more comfortable and healthy indoor environments. Where you live and the type of building all come into play when choosing the right wrap or sarking.

Sisalation® Foam Cell building membranes are used for roof sarking and wall linings to help manage condensation and reflect radiant heat for different types of building applications. What’s more Foam Cell Multipurpose and Multipurpose LT also act as thermal breaks in steel frame construction.

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