5 Surfaces To Use Your Pressure Washer

5 Surfaces To Use Your Pressure Washer

Pressure washing is the perfect cleaning solution for removing grease, dirt, and mould from any area of your home. Here are 5 surfaces that you can use your pressure washer on to clean.

Outdoor Furniture 

Freshen up your outdoor furniture for the summer by giving it a good pressure wash. It's a super-efficient way to clean large surfaces, and it's way more budget-friendly than getting your hands dirty with manual scrubbing or chemical cleaners.


Give your household bin a good pressure wash every now and then—it's an easy way to keep things clean, banish odours, and make sure bacteria doesn't grow in your garbage bin.

Garage Door

Cleaning up your garage doors will improve the overall appeal of your home. Using a pressure washer you can remove dirt, grime, and cobwebs from your garage doors and aid in maintaining the longevity of your garage doors.


Cleaning pavers with a pressure washer is a quick and efficient method that removes dirt, stains, moss, and weeds. It's a time-saving approach that restores the original colour of the pavers, prevents weed growth, and eliminates mould and mildew.


Pressure washing isn't just a deep clean—it's also a great for protecting surfaces by kicking out contaminants that can speed up their wear and tear. This is especially clutch for preventing rot and decay on your deck. Plus, if you're gearing up for a paint or stain job, a good pressure wash is a easy assistant for stripping away old layers, leaving you with a clean slate for that fresh new look.

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