A Quick and Easy Way To Store Your Christmas Lights

A Quick and Easy Way To Store Your Christmas Lights

As the festive season winds down, the task of tidying up and storing decorations can be simplified with a quick and easy method for your Christmas lights. Follow these steps for well-organised way to store and maintaining your lights in excellent condition until the next festive season.

DIY Project Steps

1. Cardboard rectangle and cut each side

Grab a cardboard rectangle that is long enough to accommodate the length of your Christmas lights, using a pair of scissors or a utility knife, make two cuts on each side of the cardboard. These cuts will serve as convenient holders for your lights.

2. Start at one end and wrap around

Begin at one end of the cardboard, insert the plug through the cut in the board, and neatly wrap the Christmas lights around it. This process helps prevent tangling and ensures an easy unravelling when it's time to decorate next year.

3. Utilise the second cut

Utilise the second cut at the opposite end, which was made earlier to secure the end of the lights in place. This will keep them neatly arranged and prevent any potential knots or tangles.

4. Pack away

Once your Christmas lights are securely wrapped and held in place, stack the cardboard rectangles in a storage container, pop the lid on and put away. This makes a clutter-free and organised solution, making it a breeze to locate and retrieve your lights when the holiday season rolls around again.

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