Declutter and Donate for Winter

Declutter and Donate for Winter

It’s that time of year – sunny days get shorter, temperatures get lower, and we return indoors to find… yeah, a bit of a mess.

Before socialising moves inside, why not declutter those cupboards and wardrobes? It’s the perfect chance to get the house ready for guests, plus donate unwanted stuff to charity ahead of the cold months, when it can make a real difference.

Decluttering Dos and Don’ts

Sorting boxes 

Mitre 10’s storage boxes or tubs are great for this. We suggest the 60L Buy Right Flexi Tub, which can double as useful storages that stack away neatly once you’re done.

The ‘Put it back’ tub

  • For anything that’s ended up somewhere it shouldn’t be

The ‘Fix it’ tub

  • For anything that needs attention before it goes back (like shirts missing a button)

The ‘Recycle it’ tub

  • For anything you can recycle

The ‘Toss it’ tub

  • For non-recyclable rubbish

The ‘Donate it’ tub

  • For anything unwanted in a good condition to hand on or donate to charity

Break it down by room


  • Empty drawers and cabinets, tossing or recycling anything out of date.
  • Put everything you’ll keep back, with things you use regularly at eye level or in the top drawer.
  • Anything left gets sorted into your trusty boxes.
  • Mighty helpful hint: a 50L Ezy Water Resistant Storage Box is useful for keeping extra towels handy and dry.


  • Start by making your bed for an instant feeling of progress.
  • Empty nightstands of anything you don’t need at bedtime.
  • Resist the urge to skip or stuff things back in drawers.
  • Clear surfaces of stacked clothes. Lay them out on the bed to sort.


  • Break this down too – sort shoes, then shirts, then pants, etc.
  • Throw anything dirty or musty in for a wash.
  • Pop anything fixable into your ‘Fix it’ box.
  • Anything you won’t wear anymore can be donated.
  • Mighty helpful hint: grab our Flexible Storage Container with Wheels, perfect for things you use less often and rolling away.


  • Clean off tables or stands by your door so there’s space for important stuff, like keys.
  • Got a hall cupboard or hooks? Sort these just like your wardrobe.
  • Put away any stray items lost in the hall.


  • Like wardrobes, break your kitchen into categories – cutting boards, then glasses, then utensils, etc. going area by area.
  • Do big storage cupboards first, then cabinets, drawers, etc.
  • Completely empty each space, look at every item, then put them back or sort them.

Living Room

  • Start with book cases, TV cabinets and side tables - ask ‘do I use this?’ with everything.
  • Electronics next. Anything not connected to your TV or sound system may not need to be there.
  • Mighty helpful hint: for loose kids’ toys, a Queen Collapsible Laundry Basket also makes flexible storage that can slide under a table, or pop down to release the fun.

Garage or carport

  • It’s hard to avoid turning a garage into storage. When decluttering, avoid moving things here “to sort later” wherever you can.
  • Mighty helpful hint: for things you do want to store, our Premium Heavy Duty Storage Range is great for protecting
    them from knocks and the elements.

Donating Does Good

What can you donate?

More household things can go to charity than you might think, like:

  • Adults’ and kids’ clothes or accessories
  • Homewares
  • Toys
  • Books, CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays
  • Furniture (at some stores)
  • Electrical goods (at some stores – call and check beforehand)

And remember, some things are unsuitable or illegal for charities to sell:

  • Ripped, torn, dirty or stained clothes
  • Broken, cracked or stained furniture or homewares
  • Green or household waste
  • Computers, printers and scanners.

How do you donate?

Most charity shops are happy for you to simply drop off good quality clothes or household items.

You probably see it a lot, but don’t leave your things at the door – either wait for business hours or look for a donation bin. Anything left outside a shop or bin will probably be damaged and thrown away, meaning your good work goes to waste!

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