How To Hang Lights Along Your Gutter

How To Hang Lights Along Your Gutter

Brightening up your home with festive lights along your gutter can add a touch of holiday magic to your surroundings. From traditional string lights to whimsical fairy lights to icicle lights, the options are as diverse as your holiday spirit. Follow these quick and easy steps to light up your home.

DIY Project Steps

1. Measure and plan the area

Begin by measuring the length of the area where you plan to hang the lights along your gutter. Take note of any specific design or pattern you want to create. Planning will help ensure an even and magic display.

2. Put Arlec clips in place

Once you've measured and planned, use Arlec All Purpose Clips to secure the lights along your gutter. These clips are designed for easy installation and provide a stable foundation for your lights. Space them according to your design and light type.

3. Hang your lights

With the clips in place, it's time to hang your lights. Start at one end and carefully secure the lights into the Arlec clips. Work your way along the gutter, making sure the lights are evenly distributed and securely attached to create a continuous and glowing display.

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