How To Improve Your Lawn in 4 Easy Steps

How To Improve Your Lawn in 4 Easy Steps

We are going to let you in on a little-known secret. Having the best lawn in the neighbourhood doesn’t mean you need to spend hours and hours tending to it. It’s quality care and routine that will make your lawn the envy of everyone on your street. Read on to learn more.

1. Reduce weeds

Mowing your lawn regularly is the best way to help prevent weeds from growing after setting seed in your lawn. It also helps prevent weeds by reducing the amount of light and nutrients that reach the weed seeds and allows you to keep the grass at an optimal height. By monitoring your lawn length you can help shade the soil and prevent weed seeds from germinating.

2. A quick high mow

A bit like a new haircut, it’s amazing the difference a quick trim can make to your lawn. Mowing at the proper height is key to maintaining a healthy lawn. Cutting the grass too short can stress the roots and lead to a weak and unhealthy lawn.

3. Alternate mowing patterns

Mowing in alternate directions and changing your mowing patterns helps to promote a more even and healthy lawn. By mowing in the same direction every time, you can cause the grass to lean in one direction, which can create an uneven appearance and make it more vulnerable to disease and pests.

By changing your mowing pattern regularly, you will promote upright growth and prevent the grass from leaning in any certain direction. Helping create a more even and attractive appearance for your lawn.

4. Fertilise

Regular fertilization can be important for maintaining a healthy lawn as it provides essential nutrients that grass needs to grow and thrive. After mowing give your lawn, give it a light spray with Seasol Lawn Lush. Seasol Lawn Lush feeds and revitalises the lawn, it also stimulates strong healthy root development and beneficial soil micro-organisms. While promoting healthy growth and enhances foliage colour.

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