How To Make a Ball Holder

How To Make a Ball Holder

Do you have balls sitting around your backyard making your outdoor space look messy? Here’s a clever and easy DIY storage solution that will have your garden looking tidy in a few simple steps. 

DIY Project Steps

1. Measure and cut the PVC pipe

Measure and then cut the PVC pipe to your preferred size using a handsaw. You will need three different sizes; these can vary in length depending on the size of the ball pit you are making. We used 1000mm, 200mm and 100mm. 

2. Assemble the base

Start by assembling the base of the ball holder by using the tee joiners and the two shorter lengths of pipe. The shortest lengths will be used to create the sides while the middle size will be used to create the rails.

3. Assemble the sides

To build the sides, connect your four long lengths to the top of the tee joiners on the base.

4. Assemble the top

Place another tee joiner to the top of the sides and using your shorter lengths and 90-degree elbows complete the rails of the fame.

Tip: you can glue or screw the PVC pipes together for a stronger finish.

5. Add octopus straps

Once your ball pit is assembled it’s time to add occy straps to keep the balls in place. On each side of the frame loop one end of the strap to the bottom rail and the other end to the top.

Tip: if you are building a bigger ball holder use more Occy straps to ensure the balls are contained; two on each side

Fill your ball holder!

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