How to Paint a Front Door

How to Paint a Front Door

When the sun comes out, it’s the best time to get your front door looking its best before guests start knocking. To start, find your inspiration and select a colour from the Dulux colour range. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Brightly coloured statement doors can breathe new life into the entrance of your home.

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DIY Project Steps

1. Prepare the area

Start by laying down a drop sheet, make sure your front door is clean, and then sand it smooth using medium grit sandpaper.

2. Clean and mask

Before applying your prep coat, wipe down the surface with a damp cloth to remove any dust, then using high-quality painters tape mask off the edges of the door and cover any glass with paper.

3. Prep coat

Apply the prep-coat. We recommend using Dulux 1Step Prep to achieve a superior long-lasting and professional finish.

4. Leave to dry

Leave the prep coat to dry for 2 hours before moving on to painting your first coat. Once your prep coat is dry, your door is ready to paint!

5. Cut in front panels

Make sure to stir the paint thoroughly in an up and down motion before you get started. Using your paint brush, start by cutting in the front panels of the door

6. Fill inner vertical sections

Next, fill in the vertical sections between the panels, painting in a long up and down motion.

7. Paint small horizontal areas

Follow this with horizontal sections at the top, middle and the bottom, taking time to be precise.

8. Finish remaining areas

Lastly, finish with the outside vertical panels in long up and down strokes

9. Leave to dry

Leave the door to dry for at least 2 hours. It’s recommended to sand the surface with fine sandpaper between coats for best finish.

10. Second coat

Follow the same process when applying the second coat, and then leave to dry for another 2 hours.

11. Project complete

It’s that easy to use colour and Dulux Aquanamel to give your front door a makeover and revive the entrance to your home.

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