Tips for Growing Seedlings

Tips for Growing Seedlings

When it comes to kickstarting plant growth from seeds, one popular method is using a seedling tray or seedling starter tray. This approach offers greater control over the growing environment compared to direct sowing into the soil. So, you can create the perfect conditions for your little seedlings to thrive.

DIY Project Steps

1. Fill growing tray  

Alright, let's get things started! First things first, grab yourself a top-notch seed raising mix. Now, pour that mix into each cell of your trusty growing tray, making sure to fill each compartment just right. Oh, and don't forget to leave a little breathing room at the top.

2. Sow the seeds

Let's make room for our tiny seedlings! Use your finger or a handy dibber to create a small hole in the seedling mix of each compartment. Now, carefully drop one or two seeds into each hole.

Tip: Take a moment to check the seed packet instructions. It's important to follow the guidelines provided, especially when it comes to sowing the seeds and determining the number of seeds per hole. Those seed packets have the inside scoop to help you sow your seeds just right!

3. Cover with extra seed raising mix

Grab a handful of the seed raising mix and gently sprinkle a thin layer over the seeds, making sure to cover them snugly. Make sure each compartment in the growing tray gets topped up with this protective layer. Now, lightly press down the mix. It's all about creating a nurturing environment for those little seedlings.

4. Water the seeds

Time to give those seeds a drink! Grab your trusty watering can and thoroughly water the seeds in the growing tray. Be sure to wet the seed raising mix evenly, making sure it's moist but not waterlogged. 

Cover and watch them grow! 

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