Vegetables and Herbs To Plant for Summer Gardening

Vegetables and Herbs To Plant for Summer Gardening

Planting your summer crops has loads of benefits, and it's a fantastic way to enjoy the sunshine! The warm temperatures and extra sunlight help your plants grow, flower, and produce fruit. Plus, when you plant in the summer, you can keep harvesting continuously and regular picking encourages more production, giving you a steady supply. 


Zucchini plants flourish in higher temperatures, thriving in warmth. Planting them during summer safeguards against frost sensitivity, ensuring they receive the necessary warmth for their best growth. With longer daylight hours in summer, there's an abundance of sunlight, vital for the development of zucchini plants. The warm and sun-soaked days of summer act as a catalyst, aiding in the speedy growth of zucchinis.


Basil thrives in warmth and sunlight, making summer the perfect season. The ideal temperature and longer daylight hours during this season foster strong growth and enhance the flavour development of basil leaves. Optimal growing conditions for basil include well-drained soil and warmth, both of which are available in the summer, giving basil the best chance to flourish and yield an abundance of leaves.


It is ideal to plant pumpkins in summer as they need a longer growing season, this way, there's enough time for the plants to mature and produce fruits before it gets colder. Pumpkins rely on bees for successful pollination, and luckily, summer is when these pollinators are super active. This ensures that pumpkin flowers get the pollination they need, crucial for growing healthy pumpkins. 


Growing eggplants in the summer is beneficial as these plants flourish in warm temperatures. Eggplants are sensitive to cold weather, and summer offers the perfect conditions for their growth. The warm soil and extended daylight hours during summer support optimal germination and robust growth of eggplant plants. The high temperatures also contribute to the development of flavourful and well-textured eggplants.


Cucumbers are planted in summer due to their warm-weather preferences. Summer provides the necessary heat and sunlight that cucumbers thrive in, promoting their healthy growth and productivity. Additionally, the extended daylight hours during summer contribute to optimal photosynthesis, aiding in the production of crisp and flavourful cucumbers.

These five veggies and herbs are just a handful of the many plants that will thrive in your garden this summer! Find all your planting needs at your local Mitre 10. Happy Growing!

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