Vegetables To Plant for Spring Gardening

Vegetables To Plant for Spring Gardening

Spring! It's the perfect time to sow the seeds and watch your veggie garden bloom. With spring bringing mild temperatures and ample sunlight, it creates ideal conditions for many vegetables to grow and thrive. As the days get longer, your veggies get stronger, establishing robust roots and promising abundant harvests. Here’s our recommendation on the best spring veggies.


Carrots love the cooler temperatures of spring, which helps them develop their signature sweetness and tender texture. Early spring planting means your carrots get extra growing time, leading to bigger and more delicious harvests. Also allowing them a longer growing season and a continuous harvest. Spring offers a variety of carrot colours and shapes to choose from, like the classic orange, vibrant purple, and cute round baby carrots. 


Homegrown tomatoes are renowned for their exceptional flavour. Spring planting sets the stage for juicy and delicious fruits that will elevate your culinary creations. Planting tomatoes in spring will allow fruit to start producing from late December onwards, by planting tomatoes then, you provide them with a longer growing season. The fresh soil and sunny days give your tomato plants a healthy head start.


Beans are speedy sprouters! With the mild temperatures of spring, they'll pop out of the ground in no time, giving you an early start on your harvest creating a longer growing season. Spring offers a variety of bean types to choose from, including snap beans, pole beans, and bush beans.


Leeks are chill seekers, and spring's cooler weather is their happy place. With milder temperatures and gentle sunlight, they bask in the perfect growing conditions. This cooler weather works wonders for leeks' flavour as they develop a milder and sweeter taste. Leeks take some time to mature, and starting them in spring ensures you'll have delicious leeks to harvest before the heat of summer sets in.


A springtime classic, lettuce thrives in the cool weather, and spring offers the ideal temperatures for its growth as the combination of warmer days and cooler nights encourage rapid growth. Spring offers a wide range of lettuce varieties to choose from, including crisphead, romaine, butterhead, and loose-leaf. By choosing to plant lettuce in spring, you can reduce the risk of bolting and you can extend your growing season and continue enjoying the benefits of this nutritious vegetable.

Get your ready and start planting these delightful veggies for a springtime garden full of flavour and goodness. Happy gardening!

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