Mighty Rewards Terms & Conditions


1.1 This agreement (Agreement) is between you (Customer Member) and the Mitre 10 store at which you applied for membership (Store) to the Mitre 10 Mighty Rewards Program (Program). The Store is a member of the Mitre 10 Group and participates in the Program administered by Mitre 10 Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 98 009 713 704).

1.2 Members of the Program may earn and redeem Points and receive certain rewards, benefits, discounts or special offers as offered by the Store, other stores participating in the Program or Mitre 10 Australia from time to time.


2.1 An individual personal customer (not a trader, body corporate – i.e. company – or business) may become a member of the Program by completing and returning this application form and being issued with a membership card, either in hard copy or electronically (Card) .

2.2 In applying for and using the Card the Customer Member agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions, as varied from time to time, and any terms and conditions issued by the Store (available on request).

2.3 The Store may refuse to accept a person as a Member of the Program at its discretion.


3.1 Once your Mighty Rewards account has been activated you will be able to redeem points.


4.1 If you do not wish to accept these conditions, please return the card to the Store at which you received it and/or delete any copies of the Card from your devices.


5.1 On presentation of your Card, you will earn Mighty Rewards Points with every qualifying purchase made at your nominated Mitre 10 Store selected during your initial application. You may be able to earn Mighty Rewards Points at other stores participating in the Program as advised from time to time.

5.2 You will earn base points for every qualifying purchase (Points). For example if you are earning a base rate of 3 points per dol­lar and you purchase $20.00 you will earn points on the $20.00 being 60 points. Please refer to your local Store for any queries regarding your base rate.

5.3 Points may be earned on any purchase, excluding Gift cards, services, and any trade or other products and purchases through trade accounts as specified by your nominated Mitre 10 Store. Please refer to your nominated Store for the full list of excluded products or services.

5.4 Points cannot be earned or redeemed at any other Mitre 10 store unless advised. From time to time you may also earn Bonus Points with qualifying purchases made during a special promotions, which will be communicated to you if you provide an email address.


6.1 There is no minimum number of points required before you can redeem. Redemptions can be made in increments of cents. To redeem your Mighty Rewards Points, present your Card and any further identification requested when you make your purchase at your nominated Mitre 10 Store.

6.2 You should check any restrictions that may be in place before redeeming your Mighty Rewards Points.

6.3 Mighty Rewards Points cannot be redeemed for cash and you cannot redeem Points at any other Mitre 10 Store unless advised.


7.1 Mighty Rewards Points will expire in 12 months from the date of qualifying purchase unless redeemed prior.


8.1 If you obtain a refund for any goods purchased where you have earned Mighty Rewards Points, the total amount of Points earned will be deducted from your Mighty Rewards account.

8.2 If you obtain a refund for any goods purchased using your Mighty Rewards Points in partial or full payment, any Points used will not be re-credited to your Account. It is at the discretion of the individual store as to how to reimburse you on the value of the Mighty Rewards Points you redeemed. This may be by way of a bonus points added to your account, a credit voucher or a discount on a future purchase.


9.1 You can check your available Mighty Rewards Points Balance and other details by logging into mightyrewards@mitre10.com.au or by visiting your nominated Mitre 10 Store. You will be required to provide your Card number and personal details to access your account online.

9.2 You will receive regular Mighty Rewards communications with your Mighty Rewards Points balance and other marketing communication from Mitre 10 such as in store events, special promotions, new products, etc.

9.3 Mitre 10 reserves the right to modify the Mighty Rewards Program at any time without prior notification. Check the website for the current Program terms and conditions.

9.4 Your nominated Mitre 10 Store may end their participation in the Program at any time and the earning and redeeming of Points cannot be guaranteed on an ongoing basis. Your Store will give you 1 months notice of the close down of the Program. If you do not redeem your available Points within that period they will expire.  You agree that Mitre 10 may transfer your personal information to a participating store in the Mighty Rewards Program that is convenient to you. You may opt out of the Program at the time.

9.5 Membership in the Mighty Rewards Program will be cancelled immediately and all accumulated Points will be forfeited if a Customer Member is apprehended shoplifting or defrauding the Program or any Participating Organisation in any way.

9.6 If Mitre 10 decides to close the Program, Mitre 10 will give you up to 3 months’ notice of the close down by advertising on the Mitre 10 website and by emailing or texting you notice of same. If you do not redeem your available Points within that period they will expire.

9.7 To the maximum extent permitted by law and save for the application of the Australian Consumer Law, the Store and Mitre 10: (a) expressly exclude any conditions or warranties (whether express or implied and whether arising under statute or otherwise) as to the condition, quality or fitness for any purpose of any goods or services supplied by the Store in connection with the Program; and (b) expressly exclude any and all liability for any loss or damage (whether arising out of breach of these terms and conditions, tort or statute) suffered or incurred by a Customer Member as a result of any act or omission of the Store or Mitre 10 (or their subcontractors or affiliates) in relation to the Program, including without limitation, any change to, suspension, or termination of, the Program, the cancellation of any person’s membership in the Program, or any errors or omissions in recording or issuing Points.

  1. CARDS

10.1 The Card is not a credit card or charge card, is not transferable (except that the Customer Member may permit their immediate family to use the Card), and remains the property of the Store and Mitre 10.

10.2 Customer Members must immediately notify the Store if they change their address or contact details or alternatively update their address details online by logging into their Mighty Rewards Account.

10.3 Customer Members must immediately notify the Store if their Card is lost or stolen or if an unauthorised transaction takes place in relation to the Card.

10.4 To the extent permitted by law, the Store and Mitre 10 are not liable for any delay in replacing a Card or for any unauthorised use of the Card.


11.1 To the extent permitted by law, Mitre 10 and the Store are not liable for any loss a Customer Member or third party may suffer, whether directly or indirectly, under or in relation to this Agreement or the Program, including without limitation, any change to, suspension, or termination, of the Program, or the Store ceasing to participate in the Program.


12.1 You are required to provide personal information and an email and mobile number in order for Mitre 10 and the Store to contact you on any general program information you need to be aware of. This may also be provided to other participating stores where: (a) you are able to earn Mighty Rewards Points on purchases; (b) you are sent Promotional Communications that Mitre 10 or another store consider may be of interest to you; or (c) you need to be contacted for a reason related to the Mighty Rewards Program.

12.2 From time to time Mitre 10 and the Store will send you promotional information such as details of points that may be expiring, exclusive member rewards, benefits, discounts or special offers as offered by the Store or Mitre 10. You have the option of selecting either EMAIL or SMS or both forms of promotional communication. If you wish to amend any details please log into mightyrewards@mitre10.com.au to update your personal information. You can opt-out of Promotional Communications or participation in the entire Program at any time by emailing us or contacting your local Store.

12.3 Database Consultants Australia is the service provider for the Mighty Rewards Program and receives your personal information for the purpose of administering this Program.

12.4 Mitre 10 collects and analyses your purchase history to manage and improve the Mighty Rewards Program and send special offers that are relevant to you.

12.5 Mitre 10 complies with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles. Mitre 10 collects, uses and discloses personal information as set out in its Privacy Policy which can be viewed at Mightyrewards@mitre10.com.au

12.6 Mitre 10 may update its Privacy Policy from time to time


October 2019


To enter the draw to win a $100 Mitre 10 Gift Card, spend $100 or more online between Wednesday 18 August – Thursday 2 September 2021. Your entry into the draw will be recorded automatically. For every $100 you spend online you will receive an entry into the draw. 1x $100 Mitre 10 Gift Card to be won per Australian state and territory (8 in total, total prize pool valued at $800), If there is no qualifying spend in any Australian state or territory, then no prize will be awarded in that particular state or territory. Each entrant must type in their Mighty Rewards member at checkout, with a valid email and phone number recorded on their account to enter the draw. Winners will be contacted by email and phone on Friday 3 September 2021 to confirm delivery address. Gift Card to be sent via mail upon confirmation. Mitre 10 staff and family are ineligible to enter the draw. Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash and subject to their terms of use. Mitre 10 reserves the right to correct any errors. Promotor is Mitre10 Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 98 009 713 704) of 19 Corporate Drive, Heatherton VIC 3202.