Timber Sourcing Policy

Timber Sourcing Policy

Independent Hardware Group (IHG), as Australia’s leading network of independent hardware retailers, recognises our role in helping Australians to build a better world through the responsible sourcing of timber. IHG purchases a significant amount of timber and by committing to responsible timber sourcing we can have a real and positive impact. Responsible sourcing of timber promotes the protection of the forestry industry, environmentally and culturally significant forests, and the rights of workers. 

IHG is committed to a procurement strategy where timber and wood products sourced by IHG for its Members originate from legal, responsibly sourced, natural forest operations and/or plantations. 

IHG defines ‘responsibly sourced’ as timber or wood products harvested from well-managed forests that are continuously replenished and have no negative impact on the surrounding environment, or to the native flora and fauna. IHG recognises responsible sources which are either certified or controlled. Certified sources include those which have received third-party certification from regulatory bodies including the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and all the certifications recognized under the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Controlled sources are those which do not have certification but have evidence from the supplier proving compliance with IHG’s Responsible Timber Sourcing Policy.  

100% of IHG sourced imports of timber products are from reputable legally verified sources. We give preference to PEFC and FSC third party certified products, with the majority of our sales volume being from sources holding these third-party certifications. IHG continue to put an emphasis on quality certified product and hold our suppliers to a high accountability.

We believe that our Members and their customers have a right to know that the timber we supply is responsibly sourced. To deliver on this commitment IHG will seek to: 

·         Give preference to the purchase of timber and wood products originating from third-party certified forests.

·         Eliminate the purchase of timber and wood products of endangered species.

·         Practice and promote the efficient and responsible use of timber and wood products.

·         Expect its suppliers of timber and wood products to maintain compliance with laws and regulations pertaining to their operations and the products they manufacture.

·         Expect harvest practices to uphold Indigenous and local community rights and customs.

·         Exclude timber sources where the source forest is known to be or suspected to be of high conservation value.

·         Exclude timber sources where the material was known to be or suspected to be illegally harvested/traded or involve any form of modern slavery as per our IHG Purchase Agreement.

·         Exclude conflict timber, which describes timber traded in direct association with armed conflict to either perpetuate conflict or take advantage of conflict for personal gain. 

IHG will work closely with its suppliers to ensure compliance with our Responsible Timber Sourcing Policy. This may involve confirming legal, social, moral and environmental compliance through an annual timber supplier review by verifying the source and chain-of-custody of the timber products we purchase. We will seek to monitor and review supplier performance and recommend remediation actions where appropriate. We are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of our planet, people and communities and will hold ourselves and our suppliers to a high standard to meet this goal. 

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