How to Build a Veggie Garden (+Design Ideas)

How to Build a Veggie Garden (+Design Ideas)

Enjoy the taste of homegrown vegetables all year round by building your own raised vegetable garden box. Our step-by-step guide provides you with all the information you need to start your DIY edible garden journey. 

Select Your Gardening Method

There are numerous ways to plant your vegetables. You can use raised garden beds, wall planters, vertical gardens or pots. For beginners, we recommend starting with a raised garden bed due to its benefits:

  • They help retain moisture, control weed growth, and extend the planting season.
  • The raised design allows for planting, weeding, and harvesting without straining your back.

We’ll now explore how to build your own garden beds.

DIY Projects Steps

1. Select and Prepare the Location

Find a flat patch of dirt that gets ample sunlight. If the ground isn't level, dig to make it so.

2. Preparing the Posts

Wear safety gear (goggles, dust mask, gloves, and hearing protection) for this step. Using the 90 x 90mm treated pine posts, measure and cut four corner posts of 400mm each.

3. Cutting and Securing the Sleepers

Next, measure and cut the sleepers for the short ends of the bed to a length of 1200mm. 

Make a mark for your screw holes and drill them. 

Use 175 millimetre galvanised coach bolts and washers to secure them to the corner posts.

4. Attach the Weed Mat

Attach the weed mat to one of the long sides with a heavy-duty stapler or carpet tacks. 

Make sure the mat is pushed up against the corners and properly stapled in place.

Planting Your Backyard Vegetable Garden

Get your seeds or seedlings from your local Mitre 10 store or online store. Read the instructions on the seed packets or plant containers to know how deep and far apart to sow your seeds. Refer to our planting calendar for the best times to plant vegetables, flowers, and herbs in Australia.

Vegetable Garden Design Ideas

Your vegetable garden doesn't just have to be functional – it can also be a key part of your backyard design. Consider aesthetics in your garden planning. Perhaps you might want to construct multiple garden boxes in interesting configurations, or you might want to incorporate paths for easy access.

1. Mixed Planting

Planting vegetables along with herbs, flowers, or other beneficial companion plants can create an aesthetically pleasing and productive garden.

2. Pathways

Incorporate gravel or stepping stone paths between your garden boxes for easy access. Paths add structure and can be a design feature in their own right.

3. Vertical Gardening

Utilise your vertical space by growing climbing plants like beans and peas, or even installing vertical planters. This idea works particularly well if you have limited horizontal space.

Seasonal Gardening Tips

Consider planting some winter vegetables to enjoy fresh produce all year round. Additionally, ensure you have the right watering and irrigation setup to keep your veggie garden thriving. For those concerned about water usage, check out our guide to creating a water-saving garden.

Simply Get A Raised Garden Bed from Mitre10

If DIY is not your thing or you're short on time, don't worry. Mitre10 has got you covered. We have a wide selection of ready-made raised garden beds that can make setting up your vegetable garden a breeze. These garden beds come in various sizes and styles to suit your garden's look and your specific gardening needs.

To make your life even easier, watch this quick and informative video on how to set up a raised garden bed. You'll be harvesting your own fresh vegetables before you know it.

Ready to get started on your DIY vegetable garden project? Gather your materials, roll up your sleeves, and begin your urban gardening journey today! If you want more DIY home improvement ideas, visit our DIY blog. Happy gardening!

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