Get Your Backyard Game Ready with Mat Rogers

Get Your Backyard Game Ready with Mat Rogers

You can't be scoring a backyard try on patchy grass. See how Mat Rogers uses his $25 Mitre 10 E-Voucher to grab the gear he needs to get his backyard game-ready. Follow these steps for a perfect lawn:

Win with Victoria BitterWin with Victoria Bitter

DIY Project Steps

1. Reduce Weeds

Mowing the lawn is the best way to keep weeds out, but sometimes these sneaky little guys creep in. Use your weeder to get down and pull them out by the roots.

2. Mow

Like a new haircut, it's amazing what a good trim can do for your lawn. Mowing in alternate directions and changing your mowing patterns helps promote a more even and healthy lawn.

3. Fertilise

Regular fertilisation is important for a healthy and thriving lawn. After mowing, give it a good fertilise. Grab your Yates Lawn Fertiliser Hose-On 2L, click it onto the hose, turn it on, and spray your lawn completely with the ready-to-use formula. Turn it off and job done.

Get your backyard game-ready with the right gear from Mitre 10!

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