How to dispose responsibly with Cabot’s

How to dispose responsibly with Cabot’s

Whether you’ve just finished coating your deck or you’re staining your latest DIY piece, odds are you now have some leftover product in the tin. Wondering what to do with it? Here are our top 5 tips to dispose of your leftover product responsibly.

1. Maintain your handiwork and plan the next project

Having some leftover product is a great excuse to start thinking about another small DIY product. Maybe you have an old piece of furniture or a hard-rubbish find which could do with some TLC? Stuck for inspiration, we have you covered! Why not revitalise your entryway and stain your exterior door, or protect your indoor timber pot stands?

If another DIY isn’t on your to-do list, you could hold onto the leftovers for when your handiwork is next in need of maintenance. Just be sure to store the excess properly, by putting the lid on tight and keeping the product in a cool spot, out of direct sunlight.

2. Donate leftovers to family, friends, neighbours, or charities

Ask around or post on social media to see whether any of your friends or family could make use of your excess product, or get to know your neighbours by bonding over a mutual love for DIY. You could also get some good karma by researching charities close to you that might be open to donations – such as Men’s Shed.

3. When it comes to disposal, make sure to never pour any leftover product down the drain, always follow the instructions on the tin

Pouring stains, varnishes or paints down the sink is never the answer. Neither your drains nor the environment will thank you for it.

If you’re unable to give away your excess product or store it for a later time, brush your leftover product onto a newspaper and leave it to dry completely. Once dry, the newspaper can be added to your general waste collection.

4.Once empty, our tins can be dropped off at a Paintback location for recycling

Painback is a non-for-profit initiative that responsibly disposes of unwanted paint tins and packaging. Simply type in your address on their webpage to find which of their over 160 locations are closest to you.

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