How to Laminex With Style for Under $1000

How to Laminex With Style for Under $1000

Is your bedroom looking a little tired and is needing some love? Try a Laminex feature wall. It looks stunning and is an easy DIY project to undertake, all for under $1000. 

Love the Laminex

Laminex is a versatile and beautiful design solution for any space. We opted to install this product in the bedroom, but it could go almost anywhere in the house. The product is available in many different styles and suited to all kinds of spaces.

1. Clean, declutter and get started

First up, start with a clean decluttered slate and remove everything from the bedroom. Then give the area a good clean.

2. Measure three times, cut once

Measure the area to determine the number of Laminex sheets you’ll need. Take your time with this step to be sure the measurements are correct.

Remember to mark where the power points will go and find the studs.  A studfinder will help with this. Laminex can be applied to timber or steel wall studs,

Once the measurements are correct, trim the Laminex to size and cut holes for the electrical outlets.  

3. Glue it on

Once the Laminex is cut to size, apply adhesive to the sheets. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using adhesive.

When it dries, Laminex will expand, so allow a 10mm gap at the top and bottom of each sheet. When placing each panel work from left to right. The Laminex sheets are easy to match and join seamlessly. Repeat the process to finish the installation.

Once you’re done, fill any holes and you’re ready to paint.

4. Colour your world

To make the wall pop, we’ve chosen a striking blue. Using a darker colour for feature walls provides depth and adds a luxe effect.  But select the paint colour that works for your room.

Before you’re ready to paint, be sure to wipe clean any dust or debris. Apply tape to any areas where you don’t want paint. Take some time over this process because it will save you in the long run.

Apply the paint in nice even strokes for better coverage. Using a roller gives a smoother finish.

Leave the paint to dry. Depending on the coverage, you might need to apply a couple of coats. Remove the painter’s tape.

 5. Bedroom style

And Hey Presto! You’re done. All that’s left to do is style it up and you’re ready for a beaut night’s sleep. For a little time, this DIY bedroom feature wall adds a luxe new look to the space and for a value price tag of under $1000.

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