How to Paint a BBQ Space with Accent®

How to Paint a BBQ Space with Accent®

Creating outdoor feature points is easy to do with the right paint product and colour selection. You can make exterior areas look neat and tidy, enhancing the overall look of your backyard with Accent. Add fresh white paint or your colour of choice to your BBQ space to keep it looking great all year round. And by using Accent SolarMAX, you can rest assured that your BBQ space will continue to look fantastic. Accent SolarMAX is the ideal choice for any exterior painting project as it has been specifically formulated to withstand the elements and offers UV protection. From scorching hot days to heavy-duty rain, using the right products is key to achieving a professional, long-lasting result. Elevate your backyard style by making your BBQ space stand out with this home improvement project. This one is worth the effort! And don’t forget to check out our handy guide and shopping list below for everything you need from start to finish.

Shopping List

  • Accent Sugar soap
  • Bucket and sponge
  • Paint brush
  • Roller & pole
  • Roller Tray
  • Dropsheet
  • Household bleach
  • Accent SolarMAX in your chosen colour

DIY Project Steps

1. Brush

If your wall is new, make sure it is aged for at least 28 days to cure the mortar. Then clean the wall and surrounding area with a stiff brush or broom and remove any dirt or debris from between the bricks. Lay down the drop sheet.

2. Wash

Wash your wall thoroughly with Accent Sugar Soap and rinse with clean water, use a hose if you have one handy. Treat any mould present on the surface with a diluted bleach solution, 1 part household bleach with 3 parts water, then wash again with fresh water.

3. Apply paint

Allow the wall to dry completely and cut in around the edges of the wall with Accent SolarMAX using a paint brush. Then starting on the left, roll in an overlapping ‘W’ across the wall to ensure even distribution of paint. Once you have covered a large section of wall you can lay-off before the paint dries. We recommend you use a 20mm nap roller, which holds a large amount of paint for maximum coverage and will get paint into grooves and cracks. Allow 2 hours for the first coat to dry and repeat the process with a second coat.

4. Fill-in gaps

Use a paint brush for any final touch-ups, filling in any gaps or uneven areas. Give your BBQ a new coat every couple of years to keep it looking fresh.

One of the best things about this project is that it can be completed quickly and easily. And using a paint roller saves time as you can cover large surface areas without too much effort.  So, if you’re on the hunt for your next home makeover project, updating your BBQ space is the perfect choice. You can make an impression by improving your home with Accent.


Wall: Accent SolarMAX Low Sheen, in Winter Snow.

*Calculated for a 2 metre bare brick wall, excludes drying time between coats. Cleaning and prep included. Timings quoted at 25°C and 50% humidity.

®Accent and SolarMAX are registered trade marks of Mitre 10 Australia Pty Ltd. 

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