Update Your Wardrobe With Principal

Update Your Wardrobe With Principal

Bringing some organisation into your life is easy with a walk-in robe. Remove the clutter with clever design and create a functional space where clothes and accessories are at your fingertips. Here’s how!

1. Prepare the space

First up, prepare the space. Remove everything - clothes and all. Remember, this is a perfect time to declutter. Be ruthless with your outfits and accessories. Keep only the things that you love and wear.  

Remove any existing fittings and fixtures. Once everything is gone, give the space a good clean. Sweep up the dust. Wipe the walls. You might even give the space a quick paint.  

2. Clever design

For your ideal wardrobe, use every available space. There’s a variety of clever options available as part of the Hafale Wardrobe Accessory range. Think useful hanging, pull-out shoe racks, cabinets, drawers, shelves, and even LED lights. 

3. Plan the assemble and install

Review your Principal plan and this is the time to pencil the location of cabinets, drawers and other fixtures.  Next up, plan your assemble strategy. You’ll need some room to assemble the cabinets  before installing them, The garage is a good place to do this, remove everything from the packaging and be sure you have all the pieces that are needed for the job. Ask a friend to help. 

Lay them out on a protective surface. Cardboard or a rug with a non-slip surface is ideal for this. 

When making and installing your wardrobe, be sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The cabinets and drawers are pre-drilled for easy assembly.  

4. Level cabinets and anchor to the wall

A good tip when installing the cabinets is to start from a corner and work out.

Next up, check the floor is level. If it’s not, you might need to add packers to ensure an even surface before anchoring cabinets to the wall. To anchor the cabinets to the wall, use a stud finder to locate the studs. Screw into place.

Next up, install fittings and fixtures such as hanging rails and shelving. Then measure, cut and install any filler panels for a seamless finished look. 

5. Let there be light

For the final touch, install Hafele Loox LED lighting. Remove the backing and stick into place. Once you’re done, let the fun begin.  Style up your new-look walk-in robe to create a clutter-free, space that suits your needs.



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