DIY How to Make a Kids Easel

DIY How to Make a Kids Easel

Unleash your child's creativity with this easy-to-make easel and chalkboard, perfect for fun-filled weekends and school holidays. With Mitre 10 by your side, you can transform your home into a creative haven, preventing your young artist from using your walls as their canvas. 

Here's a detailed, step-by-step guide to help you create a sturdy, custom easel for your child.

What You'll Need


  • Two 1.2m x 45mm x 19mm pieces of timber (easel legs)
  • One 600mm x 45mm x 19mm piece of timber (easel top)
  • One 530mm x 45mm x 19mm piece of timber (bottom support)
  • One 480mm x 45mm x 19mm piece of timber (adjustable support)
  • Packet of 30mm x 6 gauge Wood Screws
  • Two 600 x 600mm chalkboards 
  • Hinges – Butt or long Piano type as preferred
  • Screws – for fixing hinges
  • 300-400mm Cord or Decorative Chain


DIY Project Steps

1. Gathering and Preparing Your Materials

Start by getting your materials ready. If your timber hasn't been pre-cut, take the time to measure and cut four pieces into 1100mm lengths and four pieces into 674 mm lengths. 

This will serve as the legs and crossmembers of your easel. Also, don't forget to prepare two 674 mm long chalk ledges. Make sure all the ends are square for a good fit.

make an easel step 1make an easel step 1

2. Rebating the Legs

Next, you're going to create a groove or rebate in the middle of each leg. This is where your blackboard will slot into. 

Measure 600mm down from the top of each leg and cut a groove that's 4mm wide and 5mm deep. You can use a chisel and mallet for this step, or a router if you have one available. Secure your timber before making the cut.

make an easel step 2make an easel step 2
make an easel step 3make an easel step 3

3. Assembling the Easel

Now you're ready to put the easel together. Place one of the crossmembers across the top of two legs, and another at the 600mm mark. 

Screw them in place using the 30mm x 6 gauge wood screws. Then, slide in the blackboard from the top until it fits snugly into the grooves you cut earlier. Attach the chalk ledge under the bottom crossmember. Do the same for the other side of the easel.

make and easel step 4make and easel step 4
make and easel step 5make and easel step 5

4. Joining the Two Sides

With the two sides of the easel completed, you can now join them together using the hinges. Mount a hinge onto each of the top crossmembers, around 100 mm from the sides. This will allow your easel to fold for easy storage.

make and easel step 7make and easel step 7

5. Adding the Final Touches

Finally, sand down the frame to get rid of any rough edges and give it a smooth finish. You can either apply a protective coating or paint it a colour of your choice. You can even decorate the frame with patterns, transfers or self-adhesive decals to add a happy note.

For added safety, attach a 300-400mm cord or a chain to the inside of the bottom crossmembers to prevent the easel from opening too wide. Now, stand back and admire your handiwork!

make an easel step 8make an easel step 8

Remember, DIY projects like this can also be a fun activity to do with your kids. They'll love the chance to help out and learn something new. If you're looking for more DIY projects to do at home, consider checking out how to make textured wall art, how to build a cubby house, or how to build a kids play centre.

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