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Shelley & Ash's tips for winter comfort cooking

Get stuck into fabulous winter cooking opportunities. ... a lamb roast outside in the Weber - soak in the rush of crisp air on a chilly night and leave the oven inside for that chocolate and hazelnut self-saucing pudding recipe that you just haven't got around to making. The ...

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How to Pick a BBQ

An Aussie backyard staple! Pick the best one that suits your needs ... vs gas and the look you're after. Types of BBQS Flat Top BBQ Hooded BBQ Outdoor Kitchens Kettle BBQ Pizza Oven Spit Roaster Flat Top BBQ It's inexpensive, has a large cooking surface, is easy to move around as well as ...

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How to cook a Mozzarella Pizza on a Weber

Want to know how to cook a Mozzarella Pizza on a Weber? We have created an easy to follow step-by-step guide for you, so click through! ... , crispy bases. With the addition of a wood chunk to the charcoal it will taste just like a wood oven pizza. YOU WILL NEED Weber Premium Kettle Black 57cm Weber Pizza Stone & Tray 24 Weber Barbecue Briquettes Gas bottle ...

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