Spray It With Duramax: Give Your Cupboard Or Sideboard A Chalky Finish

Spray It With Duramax: Give Your Cupboard Or Sideboard A Chalky Finish

Fast-drying and easy-to-apply, Duramax spray paint gives the traditional paint brush a run for its money. Learn how to get that ultra matte finish on your favourite sideboard or cupboard

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DIY Project Steps

1. Prep

Set your space up to spray by placing down a drop sheet. If needed, give the surface of your cupboard a good clean and sand it down if required.

2. Prime

It’s time to prime! The Dulux® Duramax® Undercoat Spray [link] will give you increased durability and improve adhesion when it’s time for the real deal. It’ll also help give a brighter shine to surfaces with an originally dark finish. To prime, shake the can well (at least 3 minutes) before use. Use even, smooth, parallel strokes to spray. It’s better to apply several light mist coats rather than one heavy coat. After only 30 minutes, it’ll be touch dry!

3. Topcoat

Once your surface is dry, make sure to protect any adjoining surfaces that you don’t want coated. Again, shake your Duramax® Chalky Finish Spray Paint can for 3 mins before you begin spraying. To apply, hold the can upright and about 10-25cm away from the surface. Use the same smooth, even strokes that you did before. Same goes for the several light coats being better than one heavy coat. You’re free to recoat after 2 hours. If you want that distressed look, wait 2 hours before lightly sanding the surface. Use a fine to medium sandpaper (P240 to P320) until you’ve got the finish you want.

4. Styling

Violá! It’s time to enjoy your new piece in-situ in your home. There’s something special about having a piece of furniture that’s totally unique – and that you had a hand in making. If you like, jazz it up with some accessories. Or go one step further and make a matching piece with another element of your décor. Duramax® Chalky Finish Spray Paint works on wood, metal, glass and most plastic. The possibilities are endless!

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